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Mozilla’s “Around the Campfire”

Date: Jun 12, 2013 Guest Speaker: Pascal Finette Time: Noon-1pm Location: Mountain View Office at TenFWD Theme: (From guest speaker) Example: Entrepreneurship

Around the Campfire with (Name of guest speaker)

Introduction of Pascal from Emajee’ (2-5mins)

Warm-Up Question Start with guest speaker and then question is posed to everyone to join in.

  • Question: If you were the CEO of any company, (fictitious or real), which would it be? Give a brief why if you’d like. (5min)

Story Telling: Free Flow, all eyes on guest speaker: (15-20 min)= 20 min

Question/Answer Have a nice 5-10 min window for questions.

Closer: Group Involvement

Activity: Related to theme/message of what guest speaker is trying to convey to the audience: (10-15 min)

  • Many corporations thrive because of their established “brand.” Their brand has given them a certain reputation and trust with their consumers. Your goal is to create a company name, a logo, and either a slogan or a jingle. (10 -15 min)

Final Quote/Words of wisdom from Pascal (5 min)

Adaptability Activity:

For extra time:

Change of Wind: Ask a universal questions, Example: who is ready for the weekend? When individual answer “Yes”, they move to other spot and introduce themselves the person next to the individual name, team and something interested they would like to share. (1-2 min)

Goal of the Agenda

Since the Campfire events are only 55 min - an hour long, time needs to be rationed out precisely. You need to have a good balance between content from the speaker and interactive activities. The agenda should be sent to the speaker, so that he/she has an idea of how long they should be speaking. There should always be someone to help the host out, by keeping track of time and notifying them if they are using up too much time on a single agenda item.