All Hands/2016 Hawaii/Volunteer nominee criteria

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Below are guidelines for which contributors should nominated for the 2016 Hawaii All Hands.

Must have for all volunteer Mozillians at All Hands:

  1. Impact: have made or are able to make a significant impact on Mozilla goals
  2. Commitment: have demonstrated that they will make a sustained contribution to a team and Mozilla in 2017, after the All Hands

Nomination Criteria

For this All Hands, we are making the distinction between 1) Mobilizers (those who cause/organize others to make contributions) and 2) Individual Contributors. Because of the nature of this All Hands (limited space and largely aimed at 2017 planning), we're asking teams to put an emphasis on Mobilizers and be strategic about Individual Contributors.

There should be a very high bar for all nominees

Mobilizer criteria

  • Highly aligned with Mozilla and team goals and core projects/initiatives
  • Demonstrated success (and attribution) in mobilizing large numbers of contributions/contributors
  • Clear magnifying effect on staff impact/time (i.e. will take 1 staff hour and convert it to many hours of impactful effort)
  • Strategic -- will be able to contribute substantially to crafting or refining Participation/Community plans and programs

Individual contributor criteria

  • Currently working on a core project or initiative
  • Consistently involved (meetings, regular contributions, generally available)
  • Making high impact, unique contributions that would be hard to achieve without their involvement

Not criteria

Attending an All Hands is not a reward -- purely wanting to recognize someone for their past contribution is not a nomination criteria.