All Hands/2016 London/Volunteer nominee criteria

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Here are an initial guidelines again to help you determine which contributors should nominated for the All Hands.

Must have for all volunteer Mozillians at All Hands:

  1. Impact: have made or are able to make a significant impact on team goals
  2. Commitment: have demonstrated that they will make a sustained contribution to a team and Mozilla in 2016, after the All Hands

Here are some additional criteria to consider. All do not have to be met, rather an appropriate subset that meets team needs:

  • Are currently working on a core project or initiative
  • Work with a community or live in a country that has strategic importance to our top line goals
  • Attend team meetings regularly, in person or online
  • Consistently demonstrate the capacity to work well with the team and within the Mozilla community

Not criteria:

Attending an All Hands is not a reward -- purely wanting to recognize someone for their past contribution is not a nomination criteria.