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366 Adelaide West
5th floor
(between Spadina & Peter St.)


We are split between the Gladstone Hotel and Hotel Ocho. If you do not recall receiving a message from me stating where you are staying, please reach out as soon as possible.

Monday, May 20

Most people arrive!
Victoria Day (Canadian Holiday)

Tuesday, May 21

Team Dinner at 7pm at Marben

Wednesday, May 22

Feel free to stick around the office after we wrap to do some work if you feel like you're getting behind and we'll order some dinner in. We'll have some monitors and work stations set up too to make it easier on you.
Also, the Toronto Mozillians are hosting an Open Web Open Mic night that evening here in the office if you'd like to pop your head in and show your support!

Thursday, May 23

Dine Around & Karaoke
After we wrap for the day, groups of 8 will head out for dinner nearby (etherpad to sign up to come) then return to the office for a glorious hosted karaoke extravaganza. For folks who don't want to sing, board games are available and we're open to suggestion for other activies!

Friday, May 24

Food, Drink, and mingling with MoTo.