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The most up-to-date info can be found in Bugzilla:


bug # description status next step
bug 563751 build thumb2 code r? ted
bug 531711 imgLoader.cpp uses std::vector/algorithm r- mwu
bug omnijar Omnijar packaging r? bsmedberg, tglek
bug 553428 reading app/gre prefs from omnijar dupe
bug 556420 Add support for Android to thebes needs landing anyone
bug 556443 Add support for building NSS on Android r? ted
bug 559628 <limits> in ctypes breaks build need patch
bug 559706 <algorithm> in jsworkers.cpp breaks build need patch
bug 561451 Build alerts service on android needs landing mwu
bug 561464 Add support for XPCOM on Android needs landing mwu
bug 561471 Add support for Android to r? ted
bug 563957 Context menu on a long tap preliminary fix alexp
- Support installation to SD card fixed alexp
bug 564038 Add Android to user agent needs landing mwu
bug 564319 Allow building ctypes on Android r? ted
bug 564327 Add Android widgets backend r? roc
bug 569402 Show notifications in the Status Bar need patch alexp

Other tasks

Nightly builds