Angle Debugging Tips

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Some tips for debugging ANGLE stuff.

XP-only bugs

Have an issue on XP but not on Vista+? ANGLE might be special-casing for d3d9ex. Run on a vista+ machine with just d3d9 (non-ex) with:

 #define ANGLE_ENABLE_D3D9EX 0

Use the D3D debug runtime


  • Pull up the Direct X Control Panel application. In the Direct3D 9 tab:
    • Choose the Use Debug Version of Direct3D 9 radio button
    • Increase Debug Output Level as desired (Just max it)
    • Consider Maximum Validation checkbox
  • In your makefiles, add:
  • Rebuild, and attach with VS

Programs with gl_PointCoord fail to link with the D3D debug runtime

This could be ANGLE issue 80. When linking shaders which use gl_PointCoord, the debug runtime may emit this error:

 The current pixel shader expects input semantic 'texcoord0' including component(s): 'xy',
 however the current vertex shader does not output 'texcoord0' at all.

This is considered wontfix if using the release runtime works as expected.