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Appmaker is an free Webmaker tool for creating mobile app without learning to code. Using building blocks called Appmaker Bricks, users can create and share mobile apps quickly right in their browser.

Current Progress & Development

As of July 15th, Appmaker is in public beta. It will be available and improved upon throughout the summer as we look for more ways to deliver a mobile-first creative web experience.

Product and event updates:

Future Development

Appmaker is the first experiment in a series of tools, platforms, programs, and studies designed to provide a mobile experience which encourages free, decentralized, functional user content creation. One of the project's ongoing principal goals is to learn about and respond to the usage patterns (current or prospective) of mobile devices users around the world.

So far, the focus has been on producing a tool to make app-creation easy and common-place. In the future, we may try to provide a mobile-first experience where creation happens without a desktop browser.

Learn more about the Mobile Opportunity Project:


Contribution and event pathways:


How Appmaker Bricks are built:

Bugzilla-related tickets

Whiteboard: appmaker

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ID Summary Whiteboard Assigned to Status
965932 Allow Appmaker to publish to Production MakeAPI [workweek][workweek-3rdparty][appmaker] Chris DeCairos (:cade) RESOLVED
965941 Implement Webmaker log-in in Appmaker [workweek][workweek-3rdparty][appmaker] Chris DeCairos (:cade) RESOLVED
981141 Add appmaker to nav [appmaker][][july11] inactivate account for kate RESOLVED
1002259 Document Appmaker audience segmentation & analysis [allhands] [appmaker] Bobby Richter [:secretrobotron] RESOLVED
1002260 Document possible Appmaker pilots in market [allhands][gsma][appmaker] ben RESOLVED
1002738 Strategize Appmaker + Training + Teaching Kits [allhands] [appmaker][training] RESOLVED
1002746 Ship teaching kit for Appmaker Components [allhands] [appmaker] RESOLVED
1002747 Ship a kit for learning how to app make [allhands] [appmaker] Bobby Richter [:secretrobotron] RESOLVED
1003303 Finish draft of 3 pager for Appmaker product definition & vision [allhands] [appmaker] Bobby Richter [:secretrobotron] RESOLVED
1003305 Develop a Teach strategy for Appmaker (& mobile) [allhands] [appmaker] Bobby Richter [:secretrobotron] RESOLVED
1003311 File bugs for integrating Appmaker into Webmaker ecosystem [allhands] [appmaker] Bobby Richter [:secretrobotron] RESOLVED
1003328 Design installation flow for Appmaker on Android/FFOS [allhands] [appmaker] Pomax [:pomax] RESOLVED
1003333 Draft a plan for working with Mozilla India and Appmaker [allhands] [appmaker] Bobby Richter [:secretrobotron] RESOLVED
1003518 Create tone-setting summary text for Appmaker on wiki [allhands] [appmaker] [mozcamp] Bobby Richter [:secretrobotron] RESOLVED
1004102 Re-scope CIRA grant [allhands][closing][appmaker] Lynn Melander Moore RESOLVED
1023521 Add appmaker to Tools page [appmaker][][july11] inactivate account for kate RESOLVED
1023959 Give Cassie final assets for Appmaker Logo [appmaker][june13] Luke Pacholski RESOLVED
1023960 Design homepage banner announcing Appmaker [appmaker][june27] Cassie McDaniel [:cassiemc] RESOLVED
1029689 Implement homepage banner to announce Appmaker [appmaker] [aug8] inactivate account for kate RESOLVED
1033386 Build an Appmaker "Top 10s" Dashboard V1 [appmaker] [aug8] Adam Lofting (:adamlofting) RESOLVED
1033426 Appmaker need its own category in profile [appmaker] [oct17] Gavin Suntop [:gvn] RESOLVED
1058613 Curate 10+ Appmaker resources for gallery page [ttw][appmaker][training] Kat Braybrooke [:codekat] RESOLVED

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