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Appmaker is an free Webmaker tool for creating mobile app without learning to code. Using building blocks called Appmaker Bricks, users can create and share mobile apps quickly right in their browser.

Current Progress & Development

As of July 15th, Appmaker is in public beta. It will be available and improved upon throughout the summer as we look for more ways to deliver a mobile-first creative web experience.

Product and event updates:

Future Development

Appmaker is the first experiment in a series of tools, platforms, programs, and studies designed to provide a mobile experience which encourages free, decentralized, functional user content creation. One of the project's ongoing principal goals is to learn about and respond to the usage patterns (current or prospective) of mobile devices users around the world.

So far, the focus has been on producing a tool to make app-creation easy and common-place. In the future, we may try to provide a mobile-first experience where creation happens without a desktop browser.

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Contribution and event pathways:


How Appmaker Bricks are built:

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