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Name Url Description Owner
Are we async yet? Asynchronous I/O in Rust Web Services WG
Are we audio yet? Audio related development in Rust RustAudio
Are we Chrome yet? Parity-Chrome bugs  ??
Are we compressed yet? Video codec quality Xiph.Org Foundation
Are we distributed yet? Peer-to-peer web experience
Are we everyone yet? Total, Employees, and Volunteer contributors per Firefox release. Mike Hoye
Are we fast yet? Tracking performance of popular JavaScript engines JavaScript team
Are we fun yet? Web platform game development Martin Best
Are we game yet? Rust game development doppioslash
Are we GUI yet? Rust GUI development
Are we IDE yet? Rust development environments Manuel Hoffmann
Are we IPFS yet? InterPlanetary File System Rust IPFS team
Are we learning yet? Rust machine learning ecosystem Anthony Nowell
Are we quantum yet? Rust & Quantum Computing Florianrein
Are we meeting yet? Meeting planning tool Dirkjan Ochtman
Are we meta yet? An alternative of this list Potch
Are we reorganized yet? MoCo re-org tracking  ??
Are we web yet? Rust libraries for web development Benjamin Kampmann
Are We XBL Still? Removing XBL from the Firefox codebase Brian Grinstead
Are we WebRender yet? WebRender rollout status Jeff Muizelaar
Are We Yeet Yet? Yeet being added as a reserved keyword Jake Vossen
Are we Fission yet? Fission rollout status Brian Grinstead
Are we Leetcode yet? Leetcode questions rust status alelopezperez
Is Debian reproducible yet? Status of reproducible packages on Debian Chris Lamb

Are we dead yet?

Sites which are no longer maintained.

Name Url Description Owner
Are we dubstep yet? http:// Web Audio Editor Soledad Penadés
Are we a million yet? http:// Active Contributors Dashboard P.Papadeas, A.Lofting
Are we compatible yet? http:// Tracking compatibility of popular websites L.Mandel H.Steen
Are we concurrent yet? http:// Rust concurrency ecosystem Carlos Galdino
Are we data yet? http:// Tracking our data status. mlopatka
Are we documented yet? http:// MDN documentation status Florian Scholz
Are we Fenix yet? https:// Fenix release status  ??
Are we Flash yet? http:// Shumway is an HTML5 technology experiment Michael Bebenita
Are we in the future yet? http:// Back to the Future movie  ?
Are we mobile yet? http:// WebAPIs Dashboard Andrew Overholt?
Are we pretty yet? http:// Firefox visual design tasks (out of date) Stephen Horlander
Are we private yet? http:// Privacy add-on effectiveness Ghostery
Are we radical (participation) yet? http:// Mozilla being radically participatory All of us
Are we slim yet? Firefox memory benchmark Eric Rahm
Are we small yet? Firefox download size tracker Tim Taubert
Are we smooth yet? https:// Firefox Nightly hang telemetry visualization. Doug Thayer
Are we Snappy yet? http:// Performance/Telemetry Taras Glek
Are we stable yet? http:// Stability Dashboard calixte
Are we e10s yet? Are your add-ons Electrolysis (e10s) compatible? Site: Andy McKay. Domain: Chris Peterson.
Are we web extensions yet? http:// Web Extension API for Add-ons Andy McKay
Are we at Mozilla Space (yet)? http:// Geolocation radar of Mozilla Space Irvin Chen