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-- Sep 17th 2007

  • Armen will be helping the team during this fall semester. Check his blog.

-- May 24th 2007

  • We will not create yet a discussion group since there's not too much to discuss (not enough people)
  • If we move the project somewhere it will be most probably be moved to instead of SourceForge.
  • We are going to be fixing the trunk (latest source code version) and when we will have a working version we will move it from the trunk to the branch
  • We will be attaching patches for Vahe to review, and then either Vahe or Axel will check them in
  • ff 1.8 branch is the branch of firefox used for localization of 1.5
  • ff 1.5 branch is the old branch where 1.0.x localization have been done

To find out more

  • Which tools to use (Eclipse, MozTranslator, ??, ...)
  • What is tinderbox
  • Understand the source structure