Around the Campfire

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Around the Campfire

Around the Campfire is a social event for happy campers to exchange stories, socialize, promote team building, and to simply have a memorable time around a campfire.

Project Goal:

We strive to build a great community within Mozilla, connecting individuals and strengthening relationships within the organization. We firmly believe that knowing each other on a deeper level can build trust within the organization to have a successful and memorable experience in Mozilla.

Background and Rationale:

The project was initiated by Dino Anderson and the brave Year Up interns of Class 9. One courageous individual named Hubear took the oath to create a memorable event. He soon realized the daunting task was too large for a mere mortal to take on by himself. He then decided to call in the cavalier of his fellow Year Up interns, to take on the challenge and work together to found the Project “Around the Campfire.”

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