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Venue [TBD]

The Mozilla Camp will be held at the TBD

Conference Rooms [TBD]

We will have -- conference rooms, main space for chatting, out-of-schedule meetings and keynotes and another open space on the first floor for lunch.

Equipment for conference rooms

All the conference rooms will be equipped with WiFi, flipcharts, a projector, microphones, pens and paper.

Conference room layout

Each conference room will have a room host that will handle the speaker introductions, noise situation and timing.

Presentations & friends

We'll host multiple formats of group interactions starting from traditional presentations, through various workshops and work sprints to informal BoFs and hack sessions.

The basic rule is that speakers need to excel. The amount of content that we're going to have and our devotion to limit passive listening resulted in the decision to keep the presentations short (TED-style 20 minute long), while leaving more breathing room to workshops and other forms of active participation.

Presentation rules

  • Each speaker has 15 or 20 minutes for a talk or 45 minutes for a workshop
  • Each talk or workshop should be in line with the general theme and tracks of this event
  • Slides will be presented from an external laptop (Keynote, OpenOffice, MS Office, HTML5 are ok)
  • Each speaker will be assigned a support person that will help the speaker before, during and after his presentation with things like water, presenter device, timing, answering questions etc.
  • Each speaker will work with the track leader to ensure his or her talk fits the track
  • Each speaker will get contact information to one of our Mozilla spoke people who will volunteer to give feedback and help him or her with slides, narrative or any other aspect of the presentation.

Stage setup

  • A projector
  • Presenter table
  • Confidence monitor (a small screen with the slide currently being displayed and potentially presenter notes)
  • Timer
  • Presenter device to transition between the slides with laser pointer
  • If the speaker will decide for the Q&A format, a tablet with topvoted questions
  • Minimal clutter (as little cables etc. as possible)
  • A stage host will help with timing, laptop policy, noise etc.

Speaker applications

Anyone willing to apply for a speaker slot should think about the impact he or she is willing to make and how this impact is aligned with the theme of this MozCamp.

Applicants are requested to provide:

  • In application email:
    • 2-3 sentence summary of what they want to talk about
    • 2-3 sentence summary of the impact they want to make with it
  • Two weeks before the event
    • Story plan for their presentation
    • Short introduction email for participants who will want to contribute to the project. (see: Easy2Contribute)
    • Selected Q&A format for the presentation
    • Wherever the speaker is interested in getting Ideas for his talk from the participants
    • Chosen tablet/laptop policy
  • Week before the event
    • Beta version of the slide deck. (the deck should contain everything the speaker is going to talk about but further changes are allowed past this point)
  • Day before the talk
    • Final version of the slide deck that will be used during presentation

New concepts


Is the project that aims at turning presentations into introduction igniters for new contributors. Each presentation should be followed up with the steps to contribute and we want to build audience experience around ability to turn the excitement that comes from the material into opportunity to contribute.

Each speaker is requested to provide a short article with links that will help the potential contributor get from the point where he got interested to his first contribution in no more than 5 steps.

During the presentation and just after it we will open a web app where participants will be able to opt-in for contribution track if they're interested. Those people will receive the materials and will get contacted by the speaker/angel a few weeks after the event to check if they were able to make their first contribution.

Speaker Angels

Each speaker will get a support person that will help the speaker prepare for his presentation, deliver it, and handle questions and requests for autographs afterward.

Speaker angels will be recruited from the participants.


Questions and Answers sections are usually very chaotic, take a lot of time and give little in return. We want to improve the situation by offering each speaker a choice of one of three options for his talk

No Q&A

A speaker may choose not to go for any Q&A and use all the time he or she has for presenting.

Q&A after the presentation

Last 5 minutes of the presentation will be used to answer several top voted questions from Google Moderator application.

Q&A during the presentation

In this model, a speaker will have an additional tablet with topvoted questions refreshing for him and he or she will have a choice when to answer them.


If the speaker will opt-in we will set a special section of Google Moderator web app to collect ideas and expectations from the potential audience two weeks before the presentation. This will give the speaker a week of time to include such ideas into his slides and another week to tune and incorporate them into his story.

This will be an opt-in solution.

No Tablet/Laptop policy

Each speaker will have a choice of how to handle laptops/tablets during his presentation. The presets are:

  • No laptops/tablets
  • Tablets ok, no laptops
  • Laptops/Tablets move to the back of the room
  • Tablets/Laptops ok


Mozilla dinner [TBD]

Mozilla will be organizing a special dinner.


Please use #mozcamp to identify relevant content.

IRC channel

The IRC channel is #asiamozcamp11.