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This page shall help us to coordinate additional meetings at the Camp.

Maybe you'd like to meet with a group of people to sit down and discuss a topic, and none of the other talks seem to cover it?

Which meetings will happen? Who is interested? Where to go? When?

BOF = Birds of a Feather = an informal discussion group (Wikipedia)

Mozilla Meetings

BOF1: Setting Goals for the Future

Lead: Mitchell Baker

Time & Place:

Developer Meetings


  • brainstorm on future code changes, etc

Proposed time and place:

Want to come (add yourself):


BOF3: Help

Become an administrator of the AsiaMozillians Facebook page, and help to build a place that we can share experience as easy as possible.

Proposed time and place:

  • Not really sure, please just sign up your name below if you're interested, and check back before Nov 19.
  • For one who just wanna help moderating the page, please find me during the Camp anytime and show me who you are on FB.
  • The BoF will be canceled if we have less than 3 people willing to come before Nov 20.

Want to come (add yourself):

  • BobChao (Taiwan, volunteer)

BOF4: ReMo - Marketing Reps SIGs

Interested in Marketing? Come learn about what a Marketing Rep is and how to join.

Proposed time and place:

  • Sunday, Nov 20, 6pm
  • Find Grace Jimenez or Jaclyn Fu (irc grace, jaclynf)
  • Location: TBD

Add your name below if interested:

Slides can be found here:

BOF5: Mozilla Indonesia & Mozilla Malaysia

Sharing our experiences between Mozilla Indonesia and Mozilla Malaysia to develop the community.

Proposed time and place:

  • Sunday, Nov 20 - 19:30, Lobby Hotel
  • Find Viking Karwur or Shafiq

Add your name below if interested:

Slides can be found here: TBA