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  • Speaker: Tim Guan-tin Chien (MozTW) [:timdream]
  • Time: 10:00am Sunday at Junior Ballroom 1
  • Duration: 45min
  • Summary: is a platform for Firefox users to build a customized product page and promote the customized experience Firefox bring to them. After 2 years, the website has accumulated 1500+ pages, with user list of their favorite add-ons and Firefox feature they love. In this talk, I will try to elaborate the statistic result of the user data, and picture what active enthusiastic users in Taiwan likes. We hope by sharing these information to Mozilla community at large we could have a better idea on how to promote Firefox and the ideas it's embedding.
  • Ideal audience size: everyone is welcome.
  • Equipment needs (video projector already included): Mini DisplayPort adopter, Remote (ideally)
  • Submit a question for the speaker here: