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Pick Yourself Up Out of the Gutter and Use Vagrant

  • Speaker: Nigel Babu
  • Time: 16:00
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Summary: Setting up the environment for a webdev project is sometimes challenging, and can seem downright impossible unless you're familiar with the technologies in some cases. Mozilla Webdev has been working to improve this with Vagrant and Puppet. The story of how this has evolved to take only one command to set up an environment.
  • Presentation slides (to provide after you talk): Slides
  • How do people get involved?: Talking to Stewards so that experience and interest can be matched with opportunities.
  • How do people keep in touch?: We took down contact details of people interested. We also gave away our contact information and suggestion people drop in #webdev on
  • What's your goal for the next three months?: Organize a drive to interest new contributors to contribute to Mozilla Web projects.