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WebFWD: Mozilla's New Innovation Accelerator Speaker: Diane Bisgeier

Time: 11am Sunday in Breakout Room 3

Duration: 1 hour

Summary: Diane will share all about Mozilla's new Innovation Accelerator: why it was started, why it's important, and what it's doing. Perhaps most importantly, you'll learn what kinds of ways you can be involved. Presentation slides (to provide after you talk):

• How do people get involved? Be a Mentor, Scout or part of one of our Projects! Details on all at

• How do people keep in touch? Subscribe to our blog at and Follow us on Twitter at

• What's your goal for the next three months? Get more great teams from around the world + activate an awesome corps of Scouts!

Ideal audience size: Open to everyone

Equipment needs (video projector already included): Click here for a pdf of the slides

Submit a question for the speaker here: