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Here is the remaining tasks that we have on our plate.

For sanity sake, we will refer to 1.0 as the first version we get running on tinderbox, and refer to 1.1 as stuff we can add/fix in the following quarter. Finally 2.0 is a target for features that have low priority and we are not planning to do in the next quarter.


Tasks Timeline Notes
document failed test cases 1.5 Ongoing, but needed for getting to greendocumented, but not well defined and no real owners, progress
ignore known failed test cases 2.0 requires a list of failed cases, and method to ignore them[filtering]
ssltunnel 1.1 need to ensure tests that use ssltunnel are working remotely.
document .sjs and httpd.js dependent test cases 2.0 allow for us to work on other browsers and webservers easier
reftest http(...) tests 1.1 need to resolve
xpcshell httpd.js dependent tests 1.5 design prototype of using remote webserver for these tests
talos performance counter collection 1.5 identify and collect relevant android counters
use 1 webserver/build instead of 1 webserver/device 2.0 optimize host machine
check in heartbeat* & setupBuildTest to build hg 1.1 integration work with releng