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The Automation Services is a new team that was created this quarter. Our mission is to Solve Hard Problems. With this in mind we need to make sure that we have documentation in place.

Name: Selenium Grid
Leads: David Burns, Dave Hunt
QA Tacking Page:

Goals for Q3/11

Selenium Grid 2 is the newer version of the Selenium Grid project. We need to roll this out so that we can start using WebDriver within our tests. The use of WebDriver would also allow us to start testing on Mobile devices. This goal, if time allows, will have Selenium Grid 2 rolled out and have a mobile.

Status Task Description
Done Setup a branch on Github with Selenium 2 for easy switch over
Done Test Selenium Grid 2 with Current tests
Done Swap to new grid when enough testing has been completed. This would be a few days of clear runs.
Done Add mobile device to the Grid Due to the Selenium grid 2 tests failing because of an issue we only rolled this out at the end of the quarter. We have documented the process here and will try implement in Q4. This document also has hardware requirements