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To offer the best quality of a software product like Firefox, test automation is a crucial part to lower the amount of time until a feature can be finally shipped, or QA can ensure that no major regressions are included in the upcoming next release of Firefox. Therefore our team is working closely together with the Desktop Firefox team in selecting next major areas of work and analyzing the requirements for requested tests.

To fulfill all of the requests we are heavily depending on our community. Nearly everyone of us is acting as a mentor and is happy to teach interested people to strengthen their knowledge in automation. If you are interested please join us via any of the contact links as shown below.


If you have questions stop by and talk to us in the #automation IRC channel (logs from channel) or by subscribing to our automation mailing list or newsgroup.


The Firefox Automation team is a group of passionate and open minded people working on automation for Firefox. We are spread around the world, but we have one collective goal to empower automation even more in the Mozilla project. If you want to get in contact with one of us please check the table below for more information.

Photo Name Location IRC
Henrik skupin.jpg
Henrik Skupin

Germany whimboo

#automation #mozmill #qa

Andreea Matei.jpg
Andreea Matei

Romania AndreeaMatei

#automation #ateam #mozmill #mozwebqa #qa

Andrei Eftimie

Romania andrei_eftimie

#automation #ateam #mozmill #firefox #qa

Cosmin Malutan

Romania cosmin-malutan

#automation #mozmill #qa

Gherasim Daniel.jpeg
Daniel Gherasim

Romania danielgherasim

#automation #mozmill #qa

Mihaela Velimiroviciu

Romania mihaelav

#automation #firefox #qa

Meetings / Events

We have a public team meeting each and every Monday. If you want to join the meetings, please check the meetings page for details.

Any event, members of our group will participating in, can also be seen in our team calendar on Google. Subscribe yourself to the calendar if you want to stay up-to-date with our activities.


Yearly Goals for 2014

  • Extend the work with the community and get them more integrated into our existing projects. As a result we want to have an average number of around 10 community members working on a weekly basis
  • Assist the QA team and each interested community member in every of our top-level projects, and help them pro-actively in improving their skills for defining and implementing automated tests and extending or fixing test framework features

Q2 2014

  • Ensure Mozmill systems are controlled by puppet for updates on all Linux (bug 973535) and Mac (bug 996629) nodes
  • Set up TPS (sync automation) continuous integration (Github)
  • Automate specific tests as identified by Desktop team (TODO: <metric>)
  • Provide automation training to larger community through 4 automation training events
  • Replace the local httpd.js web server of Mozmill with mozhttpd to have it using marionette as its engine in the future (bug 754847)

Stretched Goals

  • [ON TRACK] Increase the number of Firefox locales to test by letting each locale run at least once a week (Issue 398)
  • [NEW] Get more shortcut tests added for various window types in Firefox to ensure better support for localized builds

Goals Proposals

If you have ideas and want to propose those as a goal for our team for the next quarters, please go to our goals collection etherpad and enter them all together with your name.


Some of our projects can be accomplished in a short time while others will take longer, even several months. The prioritized projects reflect the most important projects in the current quarter and include the appropriate tasks which have to be fulfilled during that time. Other active projects have lower priority.

If you are interested in already finished projects, check our projects archive. We also have a some projects that we would like to do in the future!

Prioritized Projects

Each quarter the Mozilla QA team has some goals to finish, and some of those are dedicated to our team. That means we have some prioritized projects to handle throughout the current quarter, which have higher priority then other listed projects on that page.

For 2013 Q4 our prioritized projects are:

  • [DONE] (crossteam) Get SoftVision to lead the automation efforts for QA with our oversight
  • [DONE] (crossteam) Switch Mozmill CI from Mozmill 1.5.x to Mozmill 2.0 (see issue 329)
  • [MISSED] (crossteam) Get Firefox Metro tests executed in production (see issue 215)
  • [DONE] (crossteam) AWSY Firefox OS Memory Tests (bug 899194)
  • [MISSED] Extend Mozmill CI to cover most of our localized beta and release candidate builds (see issue 270)
  • [DONE] Create web application to generate the beta and release Jenkins job configuations (see bug 915164)
  • [DONE] Deploy automated Eideticker system to run nightly for Firefox OS (see bug 904837)

Beside those we also have goals which are stretched and we might work on if there is time left:

  • Setup tryserver Mozmill CI system assist team members in testing their patches
  • Investigate requirements for community driving tool by working together with jdm, lizzard, and pieros

All Projects


Project Technologies Description
WebRTC Javascript, HTML Creation of a testsuite to qualify stability of WebRTC


Project Technologies Description
Automation Python, Jenkins Scripts and Tools to enhance the automation for Mozmill related testing
Dashboard Javascript, HTML, CSS, AJAX, CouchDB, ElasticSearch Dashboard to visualize Mozmill test results from the automated test-runs and the Mozmill Crowd extension
Shared Modules Javascript Building and enhancing the API and shared modules for our Mozmill tests for Firefox

Other Projects

Project Technologies Description
Add-ons CSS, Javascript, XML To help any team in the Mozilla project we work on several extensions.
Documentation Wiki Establish the team presence across websites (Wiki, MDN) and improve the documentation to increase collaboration with the test automation community
Infrastructure ESX, VMware Building up and maintaining the infrastructure for automation tasks
Open Web Applications Javascript, Python Implemention of necessary APIs and support the addition of tests to execute automated tests for web apps in Firefox