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  • Use Vidyo as a solution in the future
    • The physical location in mountain view will move to PB&J on the 3rd floor (only vidyo enabled conf room available at this time slot).

The Boulders


  • Bug Hunter - bc
    • Working on using mozprocess and Unittest.
    • Continuing to file bugs are they are found.


  • Talos/Addon Testing Service - ctalbert, anode
  • Talos/Tp5 - anode
  • Talos/XPerf - jmaher
    • planning on staging the patches this week on releng environment
    • tp5 only for now, will get side by side comparison to vanilla tp5 once bandwidth is available

Web Tools

  • War on Orange/Auto-log - jgriffin, mcote
    • More War on Orange bug fixes and new features.
    • Continuing work on Autolog UI.
    • An ElasticSearch upgrade is happening today, along with a migration to a new storage scheme. Tools depending on ES may be unavailable for an hour or two today, depending on how things shake out.
  • Bugzilla Improvements - dkl, glob
    • continuing efforts to assist triage (bug 663751)
    • working on closing last blockers for bugzilla 4.2

Tool Infrastructure

  • MozBase - jmaher, ted, jhammel
    • mozinfo created, in patch form should land this week
  • SpecialPowers - ted, ctalbert, jmaher
    • moved a bunch of tests this weekend. After 4 more patches land this week (waiting on r+), there will be 18 files to move to mochitest-chrome.
    • now part of the eventutils.js conversion can happen (probably get into review queues this week)
  • Web UX Platform - mcote, harth
    • Working on Python package for server side.

The Gravel


  • Supporting Releng with Android Automation Rollout - ctalbert, bmoss, jmaher
  • Firebug Test Automation - ctalbert
  • Crossweave 2 - jgriffin
    • Converting existing YAML-like tests to JavaScript.
    • Update pulse monitor to handle duplicate buildbot messages we're receiving through pulse.


  • User Responsiveness Measurement - ted

Web Tools

  • Bug Hunter UI - mcote, bc
    • First couple admin views are up. One or two more things to do for the admin view, then starting on crash/unit test/assertion views.
  • Toolbox - jhammel, harth
    • round 1 effectively done \o/
    • there are a few minor bugs and directions for future work, but overall it works pretty well
    • over 100 tools so far!
  • Regression Hunter - samliu, harth
    • Currently implementing EC2 "cloud building" which will do regression-finding builds on EC2 instead of on your local machine
    • mozregression finds regressions using nightly and local builds. Also you can use mozremotebuilder to use the try server right now (very slow)

Tool Infrastructure

  • Manifest for the manifest-less - jmaher, jhammel
    • patches mostly done to integrate manifestdestiny and mozinfo into m-c and xpcshell bug 658671
    • jhammel should write up how manifests, mozinfo, and the build -> JSON file fit together


  • Profile Manager - jgriffin

The Misc

The Pulverized

  • Fennec Profile Manager Tool
  • Productize Pulse
  • Profile Manager v1
  • Breakpad for Android
  • Crossweave
  • Grafx Bot
  • Firebug Test Support
  • Mozmill 1.4.2 aka 1.5 Released
  • Bugzilla Review & REST API Improvements (2010 Q2)
  • Implement AddOns Performance prototype system
  • Initial Landing of E10s Enabled Mochitest
  • Websockets Test Infrastructure Support