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Perfherder is an interactive dashboard intended to allow monitoring and analysis of automated performance tests run against Mozilla products (currently Firefox and Firefox for Android).

Perfherder is part of the Treeherder project. The production version of it lives at


  • Sheriffs (:igoldan, :bebe)
  • Developers (:sclements, :igoldan)


Develop tools and integration of them to assist sheriffs to find and report regressions to developers, and to assist developers in understanding the impact of their changes and potential fixes.

This includes:

  • Graphical display of performance data over time
  • An easy way to compare all performance tests for a given revision to another revision (or time range)
  • An alert system to provide notification when there has been a level shift in performance data, along with tools for filing bugs when such events occur
  • Integration with normal developer work flows for using the Try server and landing code

Non Goals

  • fixing tests
  • fixing harnesses
  • adding new tests
  • bisection of a range of commits to find the root cause

Dependencies / Who will use this

We have a dependency upon tools to generate data. Currently this is Talos, but the design is to allow all other types of tools to post here as well.

The other big dependency we have is TreeHerder. Right now we are tightly integrated into the project and use a lot of common data (branches, revisions, history, pushlog). We fully expect this to remain the case and will do our best to integrate as much as possible if it helps the workflow of the users.

The primary users will be:

  • sheriffs
  • developers

Secondary users will be:

  • manager (project, release)
  • qa


We welcome contributions to Perfherder! We track issues inside the Perfherder component on bugzilla, see below for a list of open bugs.

The contribution section of the Treeherder page has some handy resources for those just getting started. In general, if you have a development version of treeherder running, you're all set to hack on Perfherder! Just jump to:

If you have a question, jump on #perfherder on and look for :igoldan or :davehunt.

Source and docs

See the Treeherder page.

Bug Table

Full Query
ID Priority Component Summary Assigned to
1562162 P1 Perfherder Measure current machine time of retriggered/backfilled jobs Arnold Iakab
1450044 P1 Perfherder [meta] Convert Perfherder to ReactJS Sarah Clements [:sclements]
1536018 P1 Perfherder Alert summary's status doesn't properly update Sarah Clements [:sclements]
1564833 P2 Perfherder Switch to server side search Alexandru Ionescu :alexandrui
1565480 P2 Perfherder Add pagination at the top of the alerts page Alexandru Ionescu :alexandrui
1343328 P2 Perfherder Add data expiration for performance_datum or switch to bigint to protect against auto_increment overflow Ionuț Goldan [:igoldan], Performance Sheriff
1501239 P2 Perfherder Test validity dashboard
1520714 P2 Perfherder Provide alert summary assignment
1565516 P2 Perfherder [meta] Improvements to compare view
1519995 P2 Perfherder Convert graphs view to React Sarah Clements [:sclements]
1537890 P2 Perfherder Perfherder shouldn't center numbers in their cells and should use thousands separators for formatting them Sarah Clements [:sclements]
1539232 P2 Perfherder Switch to using react-router Sarah Clements [:sclements]
1539235 P2 Perfherder Replace helpMenu with existing React components Sarah Clements [:sclements]
1550003 P2 Perfherder "Compare" link on graphs page looses framework id Sarah Clements [:sclements]
1557719 P3 Perfherder Display times in graphs as UTC Arnold Iakab
1426714 P3 Perfherder Switch remaining Perfherder graphs from jQuery Flot to metrics-graphics Yunhao Zhang [:wangjie]
1316590 P3 Perfherder Compare view should allow viewing subtests across all tests Ionuț Goldan [:igoldan], Performance Sheriff
1503510 P3 Perfherder [meta] Add unit tests for Perfherder Ionuț Goldan [:igoldan], Performance Sheriff
1510944 P3 Perfherder Add unit tests for PhAlerts' functions Ionuț Goldan [:igoldan], Performance Sheriff
1520719 P3 Perfherder Provide high overview of available alerts Ionuț Goldan [:igoldan], Performance Sheriff
1524521 P3 Perfherder Provisioning local perf data is hard Ionuț Goldan [:igoldan], Performance Sheriff
1524732 P3 Perfherder perfherder graphs y-axis are hard to read for large values Ionuț Goldan [:igoldan], Performance Sheriff
1532995 P3 Perfherder Cover compare replicates view with FE tests Ionuț Goldan [:igoldan], Performance Sheriff
1533002 P3 Perfherder Add proper error handling in ReplicatesGraph Ionuț Goldan [:igoldan], Performance Sheriff
1170639 P3 Perfherder Provide a way of using compareperf with locally produced talos data
1170648 P3 Perfherder Provide some kind of documentation of what the calculations in compareperf are
1200217 P3 Perfherder UX improvement for Compare - provide valid, default landing values for Submit
1202718 P3 Perfherder Add ability to retrigger talos tests directly from the "compare performance" UI
1202731 P3 Perfherder Add a way to link to a particular set of results in comparechooser UI
1224571 P3 Perfherder when viewing data in perfherder, allow custom platforms, right now this is auto detected
1247997 P3 Perfherder Not immediately obvious whether a result in perfherder compare view is a regression/improvement without being able to see the colour
1266451 P3 Perfherder Add a unit test for import_perf_data
1268247 P3 Perfherder Alert management UI doesn't really scale to uplifts
1272716 P3 Perfherder Perfherder - subtest alerts should use historical vs forward comparisons instead of revision comparisons
1277954 P3 Perfherder links to perfherder graphs are relative to the date of opening the graph, not the date when the link was shared
1285322 P3 Perfherder Implement auto-classification of "downstream" alerts
1329240 P3 Perfherder Add a link to the pushlog for the visible changeset range
1330948 P3 Perfherder Add an option to show trend lines in graph view
1332323 P3 Perfherder "file bug" in perfherder alerts should auto-suggest blocking bug + component based on commit range of regression
1335784 P3 Perfherder Use qparent for default original revision in perf hearder links in try server emails
1382371 P3 Perfherder Compare performance result link should take me to a comparison for that test
1383901 P3 Perfherder make a simpler tool to compare memory profiles from AWSY
1404865 P3 Perfherder Add CSV Export feature for Perfherder Compare Revisions page
1416861 P3 Perfherder Do away with the signature hash (for real this time)
1418929 P3 Perfherder g2/DAMP tests are not displayed on PerfHerder/compare page
1425493 P3 Perfherder Perfherder's alerting algorithm doesn't handle multi-modal data well
1429809 P3 Perfherder import_perf_data management command is currently broken
1436819 P3 Perfherder generate alerts for performance tests that only run on mozilla-central
1452238 P3 Perfherder test_alerts_post doesn't set or test the PerformanceDatum's job_id
1459623 P3 Perfherder Improve noticing alerts for big time ranges
1467182 P3 Perfherder Filtering talos tests for uppercase "ARES" doesn't work
1470473 P3 Perfherder [meta] Add more basic perfherder selenium tests
1470599 P3 Perfherder Compare result against another revision should take you to the right framework
1470601 P3 Perfherder Navigating back from subtests causes full reload of comparison view
1470851 P3 Perfherder Disable build_metrics tests from devedition builds
1481728 P3 Perfherder Improvement alerts aren't generated automatically
1481821 P3 Perfherder perfherder compare is very limited when developers are investigating a regression or making their test relevant or stable
1484714 P3 Perfherder make it easier to push to try and compare against a base revision
1487761 P3 Perfherder Display try push message in PerfHerder
1490447 P3 Perfherder Alerts with subtests should hint which subtests have regressed
1499319 P3 Perfherder Allow for setting states from inside Perfherder popup
1500528 P3 Perfherder Make perfherder comparisons consistent across benchmarks
1500841 P3 Perfherder Nudging alerts breaks some links
1501241 P3 Perfherder [meta] Make states more manageable
1501245 P3 Perfherder Duplicate rest of states to tags
1501247 P3 Perfherder Integrate tagging functionality
1501249 P3 Perfherder Entirely replace rest of states to tags
1501252 P3 Perfherder Bring the tags into our graphs
1501309 P3 Perfherder Design custom tags
1502805 P3 Perfherder Integrate browser notifications
1506590 P3 Perfherder add ability in alert manager to search by bug
1512382 P3 Perfherder Provide a well structured tutorial documentation for Perfherder
1515338 P3 Perfherder State machine diagram
1515681 P3 Perfherder Perfherder Compare should not allow (or highly warn) when comparing a try build against a mozilla-central build
1516630 P3 Perfherder delete old frameworks and alerts that are not used
1517436 P3 Perfherder Add more Selenium tests for Graphs view
1517437 P3 Perfherder Selenium tests for Alerts view
1519289 P3 Perfherder Remove usage of signature_hash in Perfherder
1520709 P3 Perfherder [meta] Scalable perf sheriffing
1520712 P3 Perfherder Implement Ranking system
1520720 P3 Perfherder [meta] Perfherder enhancements
1520726 P3 Perfherder Check fixes for perf regressions
1520731 P3 Perfherder Directly retrigger & backfill
1520735 P3 Perfherder Warn about platforms with limited capacity
1520736 P3 Perfherder Default to Alerts view
1520739 P3 Perfherder Show measurement units
1522871 P3 Perfherder It would be very useful to have a link for the pushlog for each set of data visible in the graph
1523037 P3 Perfherder Page titles for subtests are confusing
1525997 P3 Perfherder Please add a way to label perfherder compare pages
1528740 P3 Perfherder Notify on new alerts/no more data from existing alerts
1529090 P3 Perfherder No way to easily examine all the performance data for a try push
1532283 P3 Perfherder Improve & re enable nudge
1539230 P3 Perfherder Use Validation Higher Order Component with subtest distribution and compare selector views
1539854 P3 Perfherder Timeranges in Perfherder URL are limited to 1, 2, 7, 14, 30, 60, 90 days
1540075 P3 Perfherder Error when clicking first data point
1541299 P3 Perfherder [meta] New Alerts features
1543016 P3 Perfherder Android PGO platforms generating OPT metrics
1543780 P3 Perfherder Make{repo}/performance/signatures faster
1543952 P3 Perfherder Outliers mess up with the alert generation
1546054 P3 Perfherder Add new "Top alerts" view
1550014 P3 Perfherder Allow sorting by table column on compare subtest page
1551556 P3 Perfherder Add support to enable/disable alerting on suite and sub-test level
1558746 P3 Perfherder Reflect confirmed commits on alerts
1562178 P3 Perfherder Automate backfill and retriggers when regressions are detected
1410430 P3 Perfherder Consider adding a visual summary of subtests on top-level compare view Robert Wood [:rwood]
1383514 P4 Perfherder Add ability to view sorted data in replicate distribution view
1231368 P5 Perfherder Reassigning alerts doesn't check for errors
1239821 P5 Perfherder on alerts page of perfherder, there is a link to the jobs, this should filter by talos
1253218 P5 Perfherder when using compare view in perfherder it is unclear that the base revision needs retriggered jobs
1255001 P5 Perfherder The 'important changes' and 'uncertain results' checkboxes don't behave as advertised
1258845 P5 Perfherder when two alerts have the same target revision but different revision ranges we have different alerts and it is confusing
1265381 P5 Perfherder Consider alerting with less than 12 future data points if we're very confident there is a regression
1266183 P5 Perfherder Submissions with varying numbers of subtests end up in different graphs
1269489 P5 Perfherder Automatically track standard deviation in performance tests over time
1289540 P5 Perfherder alert pagination make it difficult to find alerts
1468943 P5 Perfherder Mark confirmed alerts automatically

116 Total; 116 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);