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Perfherder is an interactive dashboard intended to allow monitoring and analysis of automated performance tests run against Mozilla products (currently Firefox and Firefox for Android).

Perfherder is part of the Treeherder project. The production version of it lives at


  • Sheriffs (:igoldan, :bebe)
  • Developers (:sclements, :igoldan)


Develop tools and integration of them to assist sheriffs to find and report regressions to developers, and to assist developers in understanding the impact of their changes and potential fixes.

This includes:

  • Graphical display of performance data over time
  • An easy way to compare all performance tests for a given revision to another revision (or time range)
  • An alert system to provide notification when there has been a level shift in performance data, along with tools for filing bugs when such events occur
  • Integration with normal developer work flows for using the Try server and landing code

Non Goals

  • fixing tests
  • fixing harnesses
  • adding new tests
  • bisection of a range of commits to find the root cause

Dependencies / Who will use this

We have a dependency upon tools to generate data. Currently this is Talos, but the design is to allow all other types of tools to post here as well.

The other big dependency we have is TreeHerder. Right now we are tightly integrated into the project and use a lot of common data (branches, revisions, history, pushlog). We fully expect this to remain the case and will do our best to integrate as much as possible if it helps the workflow of the users.

The primary users will be:

  • sheriffs
  • developers

Secondary users will be:

  • manager (project, release)
  • qa


We welcome contributions to Perfherder! We track issues inside the Perfherder component on bugzilla, see below for a list of open bugs.

The contribution section of the Treeherder page has some handy resources for those just getting started. In general, if you have a development version of treeherder running, you're all set to hack on Perfherder! Just jump to:

If you have a question, jump on #perfherder on and look for :igoldan or :davehunt.

Source and docs

See the Treeherder page.

Bug Table

Full Query
ID Priority Component Summary Assigned to
1523037 P1 Perfherder Page titles for subtests are confusing Andra Esanu
1674373 P1 Perfherder Include browsertime before/after videos in Performance alerts Alexandru Ionescu (needinfo me) [:alexandrui]
1564833 P1 Perfherder [meta] Server side search in Alerts view Alexandru Irimovici
1616242 P1 Perfherder Provide frontend test coverage for server side search Alexandru Irimovici
1680433 P1 Perfherder Wrong pushlog link in alert dropdown Ionuț Goldan [:igoldan]
1617121 P1 Perfherder [meta] Mitigate race conditions between reporter bot & retrigger bot
1644429 P1 Perfherder [meta] Support tagging alerts in Perfherder
1600759 P1 Perfherder Investigate creation of an alternative view to the Graphs view for screen reader users Mellina Yonashiro
1658935 P2 Perfherder Extend perf data json schema to include push timestamp Ionuț Goldan [:igoldan]
1571372 P2 Perfherder Setup Heroku Scheduler for retrigger bot
1587018 P2 Perfherder Display the public variant of suite & tests, if available
1600004 P2 Perfherder Replace current push from alert summaries with previous push & current push tuple
1614586 P2 Perfherder Run measure noise tool over all sheriffed perf tests
1615253 P2 Perfherder Graphs View: Add the Time range dropdown in `Add test data modal`
1618823 P2 Perfherder [meta] PerfSheriffBot
1618829 P2 Perfherder Enable all feature flags defined
1618838 P2 Perfherder [meta] Secretary tool
1618842 P2 Perfherder Integrate the secretary tool into the PerfSheriffBot
1618845 P2 Perfherder Setup environment variable via Heroku
1627922 P2 Perfherder Reassign Alerts dialog doesn't have autofocus
1265381 P3 Perfherder Consider alerting with less than 12 future data points if we're very confident there is a regression Kyle Lahnakoski [:ekyle]
1268247 P3 Perfherder Alert management UI doesn't really scale to uplifts
1316590 P3 Perfherder Compare view should allow viewing subtests across all tests
1343328 P3 Perfherder Add data expiration for performance_datum or switch to bigint to protect against auto_increment overflow
1481821 P3 Perfherder perfherder compare is very limited when developers are investigating a regression or making their test relevant or stable
1484714 P3 Perfherder make it easier to push to try and compare against a base revision
1500528 P3 Perfherder Make perfherder comparisons consistent across benchmarks
1501239 P3 Perfherder Test validity dashboard
1501241 P3 Perfherder [meta] Make states more manageable
1501247 P3 Perfherder Integrate tagging functionality
1515338 P3 Perfherder State machine diagram
1519289 P3 Perfherder Remove usage of signature_hash in Perfherder
1520726 P3 Perfherder Check fixes for perf regressions
1520731 P3 Perfherder Directly retrigger & backfill
1520735 P3 Perfherder Warn about platforms with limited capacity
1522871 P3 Perfherder It would be very useful to have a link for the pushlog for each set of data visible in the graph
1528740 P3 Perfherder Notify on new alerts/no more data from existing alerts
1529090 P3 Perfherder No way to easily examine all the performance data for a try push
1532283 P3 Perfherder Improve & re enable nudge
1532995 P3 Perfherder Cover compare replicates view with FE tests
1536018 P3 Perfherder Alert summary's status doesn't properly update
1539854 P3 Perfherder Timeranges in Perfherder URL are limited to 1, 2, 7, 14, 30, 60, 90 days
1543016 P3 Perfherder Android PGO platforms generating OPT metrics
1543780 P3 Perfherder Make{repo}/performance/signatures faster
1546054 P3 Perfherder Add new "Top alerts" view
1551556 P3 Perfherder Add support to enable/disable alerting on suite and sub-test level
1558746 P3 Perfherder Reflect confirmed commits on alerts
1562178 P3 Perfherder [meta] Automate backfills and retriggers for alerts
1565516 P3 Perfherder [meta] Improvements to compare view
1569018 P3 Perfherder Graphs of try vs try pushes show irrelevant comparison points
1569022 P3 Perfherder graph backdrop for pushes should be based on base revision, not push date
1569024 P3 Perfherder select the right test for the graph backdrop when adding more test data to graph
1569165 P3 Perfherder Measure machine time of retriggered perf jobs
1569590 P3 Perfherder Mention pending retriggers in compare view
1570225 P3 Perfherder Automatically retrigger jobs for new perf regressions
1570226 P3 Perfherder [meta] Automatically backfill jobs for new alerts
1570906 P3 Perfherder Performance alert created from a [tier 3] job
1570952 P3 Perfherder Distinguish between manual & automated padfills
1571378 P3 Perfherder Provide CRUD endpoint for backfill reports
1571379 P3 Perfherder Integrate mailing service
1571381 P3 Perfherder Provide basic landing page for backfill endpoint
1571382 P3 Perfherder Email backfill reports
1571383 P3 Perfherder Provide backfill endpoint
1572722 P3 Perfherder [meta] Improve accessibility
1573131 P3 Perfherder Automatically identify backouts
1581533 P3 Perfherder Discussion: Improving performance regression detection
1582710 P3 Perfherder [meta] UI/UX improvements to Graphs view
1582711 P3 Perfherder [meta] Introduce noise alerts for perf tests
1583539 P3 Perfherder Provide mechanism for renaming suite/test names
1584900 P3 Perfherder [meta] Tag infrastructure changes into Graphs view
1585650 P3 Perfherder [meta] Provide boxplots in Graphs view
1587766 P3 Perfherder build times should be grouped by dimension sccache hit rate
1588026 P3 Perfherder Endpoint for test validity dashboard must provide tiers
1590627 P3 Perfherder Clean databases of remnants of old unused frameworks
1591044 P3 Perfherder New Tier column to Test Validity Dashboard
1591045 P3 Perfherder Backfill reports should consider indirect alerts also
1591053 P3 Perfherder Change logic for the Graphs view "Add related configurations" hyperlinks
1593206 P3 Perfherder Make application fields mandatory in validation schema
1600668 P3 Perfherder Error out if PERFHERDER_DATA is malformed
1601952 P3 Perfherder Use The Mann-Whitney-U test
1605240 P3 Perfherder Vertical graph labels are truncated on most significant digits
1605247 P3 Perfherder Consider adding more options for date ranges
1605748 P3 Perfherder Perfherder regression filing should inform the group/builder of a talos regression
1611203 P3 Perfherder Make it possible to embed Perfherder graphs in other pages
1613925 P3 Perfherder Prepare credentials for backfill bot
1615267 P3 Perfherder Tests View: Consistent renaming from health/validity to Tests View
1615268 P3 Perfherder [meta] Improvements to Tests View
1616191 P3 Perfherder Provide server side filtering by option
1616240 P3 Perfherder Provide backend test coverage for server side search
1617820 P3 Perfherder Blank pages at the end of the results queue
1617871 P3 Perfherder Move long-series views to BigQuery?
1618825 P3 Perfherder Rename the synthesize_backfill_report management script to something more relevant
1620736 P3 Perfherder Graphs View - Add Table view param in URL
1620737 P3 Perfherder Graphs View - When toggle to Table View, it should focus on table
1620739 P3 Perfherder Graphs View - TableView and GraphTooltip component share helpers functions
1620741 P3 Perfherder Graphs View - Table view could have trends and outliers navigation to improve accessibility
1622564 P3 Perfherder Improve performance of graphs view when showing a large date range
1622567 P3 Perfherder Add trend lines to graphs
1622568 P3 Perfherder Allow base/new revisions to be edited from the compare view
1622569 P3 Perfherder Add graphical plots for subtests
1622570 P3 Perfherder Add test descriptions to all views
1622572 P3 Perfherder Enable re-triggering test runs with profiler enabled
1622573 P3 Perfherder Data Review of Compare View
1622576 P3 Perfherder Add the ability to compare more than two revisions at the same time
1622578 P3 Perfherder Add the ability to use the shortened hash for a commit in the compare view
1622796 P3 Perfherder Add release tag to sheriffing template
1622829 P3 Perfherder Consider changing default display to more than 2 days
1623168 P3 Perfherder Expose information on modality of the results and alert when modality changes between results
1626548 P3 Perfherder Check outcome of backfills
1633660 P3 Perfherder Attribute inconsistency in alert summary serializer
1635085 P3 Perfherder Provide test coverage for when Compare view is changing its URL
1635127 P3 Perfherder Alert summaries' should show the status of linked bug
1639112 P3 Perfherder Consider making SecretaryTool a singleton
1644707 P3 Perfherder Perfhderder: Add test for platform dropdown options order
1649152 P3 Perfherder Don't include subtest names in alert summary title
1649156 P3 Perfherder Distinguish subtest items from test items in alert summaries
1649275 P3 Perfherder Format alerts in Bugzilla template using a table
1655019 P3 Perfherder Display a name/unit for summary results
1656195 P3 Perfherder Repository hyperlink from Graphs view does not show related tests from other repositories
1667888 P3 Perfherder Add test descriptions to Tests View in Perfherder
1671212 P3 Perfherder Links to graphs from Perfherder alerts should be always visible Sparsh Bansal
1619645 P3 Perfherder Improve wording for Magnitude of Difference aria-label Tin La
1502805 P3 Perfherder Integrate browser notifications xuan pan
1632730 -- Perfherder Graph Y axis labels are truncated
1637258 -- Perfherder Please add the 'replicates' view button to Browsertime perfherder compares
1639248 -- Perfherder Feature request to save perfherder comparisons for future lookup
1639277 -- Perfherder tp6 tests unnecessarily require multiple tasks to increase confidence on compare chooser
1639308 -- Perfherder Show the last commit message when comparing two revisions
1641447 -- Perfherder Show measurement units in perfherder comparison view
1641623 -- Perfherder Add a numerical summary of Perfherder improvement/regression to the Compare Revisions view
1646259 -- Perfherder Add/modify perfherder graph view to better communicate noise
1647707 -- Perfherder Perfherder - wrong pushlog link in mozilla-beta regression bugs
1649151 -- Perfherder Distinguish the OS-es from alert summary titles
1651432 -- Perfherder Perfherder UI tests need to be updated
1652688 -- Perfherder Add the ability to filter alerts by app and branch
1653227 -- Perfherder Landing on pages with expired alert summaries should be more insightful
1653623 -- Perfherder add ability to remove outliers in perfherder graphs
1653624 -- Perfherder add ability to change statistical method in use on perfherder graphs
1654134 -- Perfherder Improve Compare View UX
1655667 -- Perfherder [Perfherder] Allow a comparison screen to edit the revisions compared
1665095 -- Perfherder Perfherder-filed bugs link to incomplete pushlog
1665100 -- Perfherder Perherder should be able to show task name for a graph
1667870 -- Perfherder In Perfherder Tests view, link the number of alerts to an alerts view for that test
1674370 -- Perfherder Use test replicates in Perfherder CompareView
1676498 -- Perfherder Dates appear in the future in perfherder
1676950 -- Perfherder Performance comparisons should not include replayed, not-replayed and replayed-confidence tasks
1684946 -- Perfherder Confidence is Infinity (high)

147 Total; 147 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);