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2012 Barcelona Demo Targets

Last updated: June, 11th, 2012

Status Owner Feature Notes
Ian, Gene Clock/Alarm Setup an alarm(repeat, snooze, label, sound, color). Setup multiple alarm(add new, turn on/off, show info for each alarm, delete). Notify users with vibration/sound.
Tim Lock screen
Tim Status bar
Rudy Predictive text For English only. For Spanish and Portuguese, we need more time to get dictionaries for these languages.
Dominic Music Music player with control. Show music content from device storage with metadata parsed.
Moz/TF TF Demo: Lock Screen The lock screen should have the final visuals applied and look pretty
Moz/TF TF Demo: Comms Applications Would like to have the comms application done (or at least a first version nearly done by Barcelona) with the final visuals - Dialer, Contacts, SMS
Moz/TF TF Demo: Video Application Displaying a video is always the best way to show power and performance of the platform. We don't need to show everything up and running, but what is shown must be visually powerful. H.264 hardware decoding / Back-up can be Ogg software decoding
Moz/TF TF Demo: Gallery Show the gallery running smoothly in the device with some nice content pre-embeded.
Moz/TF TF Demo: Market Place Download an application, install it, execute it and remove it. We need to ensure the market works perfectly and is visually nice in otoro.
- Need to identify an application that performs well
- Apps need to be optimized for HVGA screen res
Moz/TF TF Demo: 3rd Party Applicagtions We should show some games or third party apps that can have kind of wow factor
Moz/TF TF Demo: Browser Demo browsing to interactive sites, support panning/zooming, create new tabs, performance needs to be on par with rest of the applications
- Mobile optimized
- Desktop website to show panning/zooming
- Possibly site that uses local search/GPS
Moz/TF TF Demo: Home Screen search bar