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Proprietary Blob License Review Process (for Android ports)

Whenever a new port is created for a given Android device, to ensure that Mozilla is in a legal position to be able to redistribute builds for that device which include proprietary vendor blobs (eg. graphics drivers), a license review process is needed.

That review process is described as follows:

  • File a bug for the device port work that is being done (under the Gonk component), even if the work is just to update the underlying blobs used.
  • File a child legal bug under Product: legal, Component: Firefox OS to review the blob licenses.
  • Copy and paste the license text from the website or the area from which the blobs were obtained (eg. https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/drivers) into the bug. Please note that sometimes the license text is found within an extract script and archive file.
  • If the device is one which Mozilla already publicly distributes builds for, compare the text in each license for the old blob versions against the new ones.
  • If the license text between the old blobs and the new blobs is EXACTLY the same, please indicate so in the legal bug and continue with finishing the port and making it available.
  • If the license text between the old blobs and the new blobs is DIFFERENT or if this is a net new device port, please make a note in the bug and ask for legal review of the licenses and await sign-off PRIOR TO ANY PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION.