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Let's go around the call and have everyone briefly introduce themself. Make sure to include

  • Name
  • What you generally work on
  • Which office you're based out of (time zone)

Meeting logistics

Current time is bad for the majority of people. With the TZ information above, let's figure out a time that's better for the majority. https://wiki.mozilla.org/B2G#Meetings

  • PDT: 8
  • EDT: 2 (jlebar, mwu)
  • UK: 1 (benfrancis)
  • Paris: 2 (vingtetun, mounir)
  • CST: 5 (jamesho, shianyow, thinker, kanru, timdream)

We'll carry this discussion to dev-b2g.

Roll call

  • jlebar (Justin Lebar) - DOM team, performance, MemShrink, low-level stuff, NYC
  • jst (Johnny Stenback) - DOM team manager, SF/MV office
  • mrbkap (Blake Kaplan) - DOM team, wrappers, SF (?) office
  • mwu (Michael Wu) - Mobile Master, New Jersey (Eastern time)
  • mounir (Mounir Lamouri) - DOM team, Paris
  • kmachulis (Kyle Machulis) - IRC: qDot - SF office, low-level stuff
  • Ben Francis (benfrancis on IRC) - working on Gaia (B2G front end). Working from England (GMT)
  • Gregor Wagner (gwagner) - SF office - GC for JS, compartments, Contacts for androis
  • philikon (Philipp von Weitershausen), SF office, new to B2G, previously worked on Sync, will work on frontend library things (contacts, text messaging, etc.)
  • jamesho, Taipei, leading RD team at the Taipei office
  • shianyow (Shian-Yow Wu), Taipei, low-level tasks on B2G
  • timdream (Tim Chien): Web Developer, will join Taipei Office in Dec at the latest
  • Thinker, Taipei, working on hal sensor backend and other low-level tasks on B2G.
  • kanru, (Kan-Ru Chen): Taipei office, will be working on low-level graphics stuff and CJK
  • bent (Ben Turner): SF, working on DOM odds and ends (indexeddb, workers, telephony)
  • cjones (Chris Jones): Los Angeles, odds and ends

Status updates

  • Gonk vibrator backend for hal (jlebar, Eastern time)
  • RIL (kmachulis (qDot on IRC), PDT)
  • Wifi (mrbkap)
  • Custom-built kernel (mwu)
  • Gonk widget backend (mwu)
  • Virtual vibrator device for emulator (shian-yow)
  • Hal sensor (proximity) backend (thinker)
  • Gaia (vingtetun)

If you're looking for a new project to start on, talk to cjones or gal.

USB Jig for flashing phones

Flashing the custom kernel for the Galaxy S II is currently not 100% reliable. You don't need the custom kernel by default, but if you are using it, then you absolutely must have a USB jig. The jig puts the phone into "download mode" for recovery even when the phone image is in a bad state.