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Status updates

  • Work week
  • Proposal to move next meeting to 1700 PST / 2000 EST / 0100 GMT / 0200 CET / 0900 CST. Objections?
  • RIL integration status (kyle/mrbkap)
  • SMS (mounir)
  • Android sensor backend (thinker)
  • Emulator sensor controls (shianyow)
  • debuggerd spinning, mediaserver crashing (shianyow)
  • Apitrace (kanru)
  • Gaia update
    • contacts manager, l10n (vivien)
    • web browser, camera/gallery (benfrancis)
  • Contacts API (gwagner)
  • Contacts database (philikon)
  • navigator.apps (fabrice)
  • Native gonk widget backend (mwu)
  • Native gonk input events (jlebar)

Round table

  • Since I missed introductions last week -> I'm Brandon Sterne (bsterne) the Security Team liason
    • bsterne will let you know if you need security reviews, and if you're not sure, he's the guy to ask