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If you're going to the work week in Taiwan, make sure you've booked a flight.

Will send another nag email. Missing some contact info.

US and European citizens should NOT need a visa.

Status updates

  • Emulator test harness (ateam)
  • jlebar (not in meeting) -
  • Gonk widget backend (mwu)
    • landed upstream on m-c
    • more support for input events (home, volume, search)
  • RIL integration status (mrbkap/kyle)
    • RIL worker is up in C++. Communication through jsapi on main thread.
    • JS communication with RIL in test environment is up to parity with original python test harness.
  • Sensor backends (thinker)
    • android implementation looking good, going through review. Should land this week.
    • collaborator iterating on DOM API
  • Mediaserver crash, debuggerd iloop (shianyow)
    • fix for debuggerd iloop landed in b2g
    • mediaserver crash is reproducible, under investigation
  • apitrace (kanru)
    • working with GL test program in android build
    • right now apitrace looks like a backend for Android libEGL, so it's totally transparent to gecko
  • navigator.apps (fabrice)
    • DOM API implemented, finishing up firefox integration pieces. Aiming for FF11
  • Contacts API (gwagner)
    • implementation underway, fighting with compile times and JNI. first version should be ready for later this week
  • Contacts database (philikon)
  • Gaia update
    • New team member: Justin D'Arcangelo (EST, frontend work for Gaia)
    • Apps update
      • Vivien was @MozCamp. found new contributor to help implement a "Maps" application. fixed some more bugs in gaia
      • Initial prototype of Gallery app landed (benfrancis). Improvements to browser app. Work ongoing on camera-app prototype.
      • Initial app manager read (justindarc). Working on focus issues and backgrounding/foregrounding. App switching upcoming soon.