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Really ought to have booked flights by now.

Status updates

  • Screen API (jlebar)
  • Gonk battery backend (mwu)
  • Vibrator (mwu/jlebar)
    • fixed kernel module loading (incl. vibrator)
  • RIL integration status (mrbkap/kyle/philikon)
    • IO thread talking to RIL thread
    • work progressing on JS worker code
  • Sensor backends (thinker)
    • patches are being reviewed
      • updating patches for coding style
    • study automatic testing framework (with QEMU)
    • proximity sensor backend should land for android this week (hal level)
  • Mediaserver crash (shianyow)
  • working on QEMU virtual sensor device this week (shianyow)
  • apitrace (kanru)
  • navigator.apps (fabrice)
  • Contacts API (gwagner)
  • Contacts database (philikon)
  • Gaia update
    • Browser (benfrancis)
    • Gallery (benfrancis)
    • Camera (benfrancis)
    • contact API prototyping (vivien)
    • b2g/ chrome package almost ready to land on mozilla-central
    • app manager mostly landed (justindarc)
    • starting on settings, market UI (justindarc)