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New team member joined: Tim Chien, to be working on Gaia. Tim will work out of the Taipei office.


  • Really* *really* ought to have booked flights by now. If you haven't booked by now, please check with your manager.

Status updates

  • RIL integration status (mrbkap/kyle/philikon/bent)
    • getting socket IO up and running, refactoring JS (kyle)
    • all relevant threads are communicating with each other IPC <--> RIL <--> main. b2g connects to rild on startup (mrbkap/kyle)
    • new features being added to RIL JS (philikon)
  • jlebar
    • busybox!!! $ start-busybox (once it's merged to B2G, anyway)
    • screen APIs blocked on jonas
  • thinker
  • shianyow
    • qemu has some virtual sensors already, can extend work from there
    • change to config-galaxy-s2 to use CM images. (to fix audio, and not require device for builds)
  • kanru
    • patches on bug, made demo video
    • merged some patches upstream (!)
    • add ability to replay traces on device
    • starting to investigate IMEs
  • fabrice
    • landed mozApps API (!)
    • ff desktop UI waiting on UX review, apps dashboard
    • discover of manifest through link tag
    • populate appcache manifest if there's an entry in app manifest
  • benfrancis
    • added camera app; needs viewfinder, capture. storing media still a problem
    • fixing lots of gaia bugs
  • vivien
    • lots of gaia bugfixes
    • playing with contacts API
    • beginning on IME
  • justindarc
    • gaia bugfixes
    • task manager complete. iterating on usability
    • connect app manager to apps API
    • running into issues with consistent look-n-feel; need global styling
    • market about ready to land
  • gwagner