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New team members

  • John Hammink, functional QA
  • Steven Lee starting this Monday as B2G system engineer (Taipei office)


  • Q1/2012 work week
    • MWC 2012-02-27 - 2012-03-01
    • probably leading right up to MWC
    • location probably Paris
  • repository management
    • Working towards landing all divergencies to m-c, so that we can work off a doublec revision in the future
    • Please avoid landing anything in the GitHub fork. File bugs in Bugzilla, attach patches, get review, land in m-c, update GitHub's gecko.
    • ACTION ITEM: When going to doublec revisions, someone needs to own (or some set of people need to own) updating the last-known-good rev from m-c to B2G. Maybe we have a sheriff schedule.
    • Started mozilla-b2g github org, proposed moving all B2G-related repos there to avoid blocking on individual people
  • A good first bug for someone: bug 709590, jlebar can help

Status updates

  • mwu
    • libsydneyaudio backend landed (audio and video tags now work)
    • syncing stuff upstream
  • mrbkap
  • qDot
    • ril reconnect
    • next: bluetooth? usb?
  • bent
    • got sucked back into some big reviews for indexeddb
    • almost done resurrecting c++ telephony
  • mounir
  • jlebar
  • thinker
    • writting data call functions for ril/rewrite Python cod as JS code
    • study current DOM APIs for Telephony
    • ACTION ITEM: file bug for this. DONE: bug 710493
  • shianyow
    • QEMU sensor not working issue fixed and landed.
    • Making Oprofile work for SGS2 to profiling high CPU usage of homescreen.css animitation issue.
  • kanru
    • First patchset of power manager,, continue to work on the rest of power mgmt stuffs
  • fabrice
  • benfrancis
    • browser & gallery about as far as they can go with current capabilities
    • ongoing discussions about browser & media capture APIs
    • next: gaia bugfixes & media player?
  • vingtetun
  • justindarc
    • merging changes (Settings app, task manager) from last week
    • addressing issues with keypress events (e.g. Home button tap+hold gesture for task manager)
    • still experiencing issues with app focus with regard to keypress events
    • flashed device last week successfully for the first time :-)
  • gwagner
  • mdas
  • philikon
    • got phone working with qDot et.al. in Taipei
    • tracked down divergencies with mwu, filed bugs (see tracking bug 709468)
    • next: complete phone APIs, SMS
  • timdream
    • Chinese zhuying IME working (with JSON backend) in my gaia branch
    • need to decide this is the interface we want IM Engine to intergrate with Homescreen before push (ACTION ITEM: send screenshot and interface description to the list)
    • need to figure what's wrong with indexedDB (ACTION ITEM: use Nightly)
  • jhammink
    • just beginning to get my head around building/flashing image.
    • Extending my work somewhat with WebAPIs into B2g.
    • Also planning to take Marionette into use at some point. Stay tuned.