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We have a new reference device we're targeting, the "Toro Maguro". There are some more details available internally, and we're in the process of making more of those details public (lawyers talking to lawyers etc.).

  • these will be shipping out to b2g team members in the next few weeks. They'll be available generally sometime after that.


  • Will you be around or on vacation during next week's meeting time?

Status updates

  • mrbkap: Wifi seems to be coming up. I can get the mac address and debug spew shows that the wireless card sees networks in the area. It should be pretty easy to connect (just a matter of writing some code). The only concern I have is that things seem to be working even without files that I thought were important, so I still have some understanding to do.
  • mwu
    • more gonk code upstreamed from b2g
    • fallback rendering impl in gonk widget
    • tracking dirty region in gonk widget backend
  • qDot
    • DTMF implementation
    • starting on bluetooth
  • bent
    • porting revised telephony API to C++
  • mounir
    • WebSMS was planned to land today but delayed because of stupid build issues on Windows and MacOS also because of file being duplicated between Android XUL and Android Native.
    • Working on Network API (but not the gonk backend).
  • jlebar
    • browser APIs
  • thinker (no Mic. today|will be around during next week's meeting time)
    • Data call is eastablished. I got an NIC device (pdp0) for a data call. And, I can ping to Internet after some routing configuration (set default route to pdp0). But, DNS is not work. I am porting a simple control UI to latest gaia.
    • The operator (CHT) does not return any DNS server (from rild). Try to figure out a solution. Fallback to a default DNS?
    • Trying to figure out how to enable DNS for gonk.
  • shianyow
    • CM office site only keeps CM 7.1 for SGS2, but it has compatibility issue with AOSP in currently B2G. We may need to upgrade our AOSP if we want to use binary blobs from CM.
    • profiling high CPU usage of CSS animation issue. Both oprofile and perf can get callgraph , it works fine for kernel functions (vmlinux), but seems incomplete for libxul.so.
  • kanru
    • Draft power manager api with jlebar.
    • Patch finished, need testing.
    • Next: JS side power manager in Gaia
  • gwagner: Uploaded a patch today where I can add contacts into philikons indexedDB and find them again. e10s is now in JS as well. building on bug 587797 (access IndexedDB from chrome) which is still in development. adding more features, writing tests and android backend
  • philikon
    • improved & integrated ferjm's code for parsing SMS (PDU format in GSM)
    • RIL -> DOM plumbing to mounir's SMS API (fun mix of JS and C++), up for review, will need some changes, BUT incoming SMS do work, w00t: https://twitter.com/#!/philikon/status/149290532898750464/photo/1/large
    • next: outgoing SMS, ferjm has code already, DOM plumbing is in place already
    • also reviewed kyle's DTMF patches, started reviewing bent's telephony refactoring
  • benfrancis
    • Basic music app implemented, proves <audio> works in latest kernel, but file streaming needed
    • Defining Browser API with jlebar
    • Gaia concept https://wiki.mozilla.org/B2G/UI#Ben.27s_Gaia_Concept
    • Next: Start using files stored in IndexedDB for gallery & music apps, implement features in gallery using other APIs, bugs
  • vingtetun
  • justindarc
    • Basis for new and improved Task Manager is done - awaiting pull request to be merged (vingtetun already reviewed, minor code clean up issues reported are now resolved and ready to merge again)
    • Ended up having success using -moz-element to draw the app iframes to the background for the "card" elements in the Task Manager UI - Would like to now test using this method to draw the app launch animation (as per. vingtetun's suggestion - http://hacks.mozilla.org/2010/08/mozelement/ )
    • Still implementing additional features for the Task Manager (inc'l Home button gesture) and possibly separating the Task Manager from the App Manager
  • timdream
    • Integrating Chinese IME into Gaia, got review from vivien, fixing
    • need reduce size of db - currently 26MB, need indexeddb-unlimited perm
  • mdas
  • jhammink
    • BLOCKED: is there anyone sitting in MV who might be able to help troubleshoot my build env/platform?
  • steven
    • Tace the code about nsISensorManager and how to use it. (Bug 709590 - Listen for orientation changes in gonk)
  • jstraus
    • lights
    • usb next