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  • b2g-android is dead. Long live b2g-gonk!
  • We're in the process of removing a lot of now-dead code from the b2g repo.

Status updates

  • mrbkap
    • Wifi connects to a hardcoded wifi network and DNS comes up.
    • Still some open questions about what files are needed/not needed.
    • Next: Genericise the code that connects to the network and send out events so that we can write a UI to select one (also, as always: cleanup!).
  • mwu
  • qDot
    • Now working on Bluetooth
    • Trying to replicate cyanogenmod strategy for loading firmware to BT chip on gonk
    • BT DOM coming together via gal, see bug 647737
    • Some work on phone calls via emulator, some issues with protocol desync and states not matching how they work on the phone
  • bent
  • mounir
    • Issues with Firefox Mobile team that blocks WebSMS landing
    • Implementation of Network API for Android (still not 100% done)
    • Some spec work
  • jlebar
  • thinker
    • Studying and preparing for implementing network manager
    • Patches for 3G data calls are reviewing
  • shianyow
    • working on profiling tools(oprofile and perf).
    • to check whether PMU hardware events work on SGS2 kernel.
  • kanru
    • Add PowerManagerService for both DOM and JS use
    • Experimenting libhardware GPS interface. Now can initiate the engine but see only SV so far.
  • gwagner
  • philikon
    • got basic SMS finished and landed; doesn't work on phone yet for some reason
    • feedback for thinker's 3G data calls
    • started review for bent's telephony rewrite
    • next:
      • investigate why phone calls don't work in emulator
      • plan next steps for the RIL (tests, radio-related functionality, data, complete SMS, etc.)
  • benfrancis
  • vingtetun
  • justindarc
    • finished implementing new Task Manager; separated it out from the App Manager
    • added "press and hold" Home button gesture for pulling up the Task Manager
    • going to wire up the Settings UI to the mozSettings interface over the next day or so
    • considering abstracting out the animation/drawing logic used for the Task Manager to improve the "app launch" and "app close" animations instead of them relying on scaling the "live" IFRAME; the Task Manager uses -moz-element to draw the app IFRAME's contents to the background-image of another element and the animations performed with those elements seem to have a much better performance/frame rate
    • created the beginnings of the "Market" app several weeks ago but haven't integrated the code in yet; would like to do this over the next week as well
  • timdream
    • Some International Layouts added. Keyboard available in English, German, French, Hebrew, Russian, Serbian, Dvorak, Chinese ZhuYing
    • Chinese ZhuYing IME landed, problem with IME db license though. Move on to other stuff about keyboard (accent alphabets, highlight, ...)
  • mdas
  • jhammink
  • steven
    • Study the code that how android handles the sensors.
      • The code is in SensorManager and users who are interested in sensor event should register through it. When sensor changes, it callback through onSensorChaneged.
  • jstraus