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  • Welcome to Faramarz Rashed, who's going to be the new engineering manager! Make sure to find a time to chat with Faramarz if you haven't already.


  • Need to book travel to the work week so that hotel reservations can be finalized.


  • Now that we have support for marionette in b2g, we need to start seriously hammering on testing. Three main areas
    1. running existing m-c tests on b2g
    2. start adding gaia tests
    3. start adding tests of device-interaction APIs that we've been waiting on harness support for
  • We'll have a dedicated gaia meeting this week. Schedule forthcoming.

Status updates

  • pavelivanov
  • etienne
  • mrbkap
  • mounir
    • WebSMS is going to land *finally*
    • Network API is going to land
    • Discussions about various other APIs
  • vingtetun
  • benfrancis
    • Got gallery storing files as blobs in IndexedDB
    • Ongoing discussions about Browser API, Gallery API & Camera API
    • Next: Work on browser to mimic fennec B2G/Gaia/Browser, learn about Marionette for testing, learn about OWA & Web Intents
  • mwu
  • jlebar
    • Not much to report this week. Landed first part of browser-as-webapp API today (bug 708176).
  • justindarc
    • Finished implementing initial functionality for "Market" app; Still needs support for mozApps.install()/uninstall()
    • Started development of additional UI elements for non-boolean values in the Settings app; Going to implement the basic UI for power management (issue #166)
    • Corrected button mapping for the Task Manager to use DOM_VK_HOME instead of DOM_VK_ESCAPE
    • Started going through old issues in GitHub today to close out anything tied to the old Task Manager implementation
  • mdas, jgriffin <ateam>
    • working on enabling HTML mochitest-style tests in Marionette
    • working on enable Marionette in multiple contexts...b2g, b2g apps, b2g browser
  • jstraus
  • qDot
    • Bluetooth firmware loads successfully, but we can't actually access the features of the chip due to some incompatibility somewhere in bluez. We're using the same bring-up method as cyanogenmod, but our both our kernel and bluez versions differ. I did diffs on both of these between them and us and can't see anything too out of the ordinary though. People helping: cjones, mwu
    • Issue being tracked at https://github.com/andreasgal/B2G/issues/124 and bug 713116 (parent-ish bug, also involves DOM bringup on gecko side)
    • Taking a break on the SGS2 specifics to work on getting the DOM stub together in gecko, outlined in bug 674737
  • bent
    • C++ telephony backend landed! \o/
    • the API has changed slightly, need to update dialer
    • finishing up telephony API, major stuff should be there
  • gwagner
    • basic contacts functionality ready
    • iterating on contacts schema
    • should be ready for review at end of week
  • philikon
    • reviews for ferjm, thinker
    • debugging telephony rewrite, debugging RIL
    • debugging SMS on device
    • next:
      • network manager (coordinate with thinker, mrbkap)
      • test RIL on new TM device
  • fabrice
    • camera support : explored using v4l2, going back to libcamera. A few issues on SGS2
    • read various web intents proposals, will discuss tomorrow with webapps team
  • jhammink
    • started working with Marionette tests against emulator, in particular for telephony, atm blocked by bug 713301
    • can probably try Marionetting against other APIs already landed, need to know which ones it makes sense to do so with
    • will have a look at gaia as well
  • timdream
    • Fixed touch.js in chrome so event would return correct target element, in order to do accent characters menu. http://timc.idv.tw/gaia-keyboard-demo/ need fine tune before pushing.
    • IME db license issue has been resolved, start working on replacing the currently
    • rewriting IME indexedDB loading so the phone would not hang during startup
  • thinker
    • Rebase code for 3G data call to WebTelephone. Start reviewing.
    • Working on network manager. Wrote some testcase with xpcshell-test. (is there a bug for this yet? --philikon) bug 713199 -- better: bug 717122
    • Rebase proximity backend for Android again.
    • I have my laptop repaired XD
  • shianyow
    • Investigating to add valgrind to B2G source tree.
      • There is AOSP version of valgrind (base on 3.6.0), not sure if it's fully worked, and seems it supports Android ics only.
      • Should be better to use valgrind 3.7.0 from SVN.
        • valgrind 3.7.0 can be built manually and working on SGS2.
        • Integrating to B2G source tree need to port it from automake to Android.mk, it's not a lightweight task. Consider to add flexbility to use reguar makefile instead of Android.mk in B2G source?
  • kanru
    • idle service for gonk is about to land
    • hacked a quick JS console for interactive dev: https://gist.github.com/1588004
    • Initial GPS geolocation backend using libhardware worked
  • steven
    • Port SensorDevice to hal. Follow the way described in bug 714413
      • It's almost done. Still needs some refine.
    • Connect SensorObserversManager in hal and nsSensorManager in dom.
      • I am tracing the code and trying to port the implementation of nsSensorManager
  • vincent
    • The build environment have been prepared. The filesystem and kernel are burned to Galaxy S2 with B2G build successfully.
    • Basic Wi-Fi connection function has been verified using wpa_supplicant and dhcpc. The dns server address should be setup manually using setprop net.dns1
    • Studying the software architecture of gecko and gonk and XPCOM in MDN.