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  • Taipei offices are closed this week due to Chinese New Year.


Status updates

  • cjones
    • tech talk in Japan on B2G
  • etienne
  • mrbkap
    • Looking into fixing a race condition in the wifi stuff (when the supplicant connects before the wifi worker connects to the supplicant). Spent a bunch of time learning the Java wifi code.
  • mounir
    • b2g workshop in Tunis with Vivien
    • Working on Screen Orientation API with an Android implementation
  • vingtetun
  • benfrancis
  • mwu
    • Bug 708191 - Don't draw when the screen is off on gonk - fixed
    • Bug 718631 - Fix Gonk build after bug 598482 - fixed
    • Bug 718679 - ipToString in nsWifiWorker.js uses wrong byte order - fixed
    • Bug 712973 - Use InputReader from libui in gonk widget backend - awaiting review
    • Bug 719647 - Add Touch Event support to Gonk widget backend - awaiting review
    • Bug 720769 - Enable nsTransferable in Gonk backend - awaiting review
    • Investigated libcubeb backend for gonk
  • jlebar
  • justindarc
  • mdas, jgriffin <ateam>
  • jhammink (tchung filling in today)
    • working with ux on a testplan for MWC demo
    • investigate what's needed to automate Gaia tests
    • get daily testing on Gaia started.
    • rewriting and blogging the documentation to setup and install B2G (will add to MDN and public wikis)
  • jstraus
  • qDot
    • Bluetooth
    • Have demo code on linux that checks adapter, changes properties on it, scans for nearby devices
    • Have some idea of how headset setup works on Android
    • Haven't tried loading firmware on SGS2 again
    • Currently trying to figure out which API we want to go with for talking to bluetooth via gecko. Choices are raw bluez sockets (no dependencies other than bluez, used by pybluez/bluetool/others, but no documentation), raw dbus api (what android uses, messy, no documentation), or glib dbus api (some documentation, simple, but requires glib mainloop to be running).
    • Nevermind. We can't go the raw socket route due to libbluetooth being GPL'd (see http://www.kandroid.org/online-pdk/guide/bluetooth.html ). We're definitely going dbus.
  • gwagner
    • hunting leaks, indexeddb hickups with bent, mccr8
    • uploaded interface definitions for review
    • gdb support for galaxy-s2 for android (mobile wiki doesn't work)
  • philikon
    • lots of reading wifi/3g code, writing network manager, working on network mgmt API proposal, will be bringing this up on lists this week
    • reviews / bugs for RIL telephony + SMS backend
      • need input for bug 720653
    • preparing CMU workshop
    • (unrelated: several Sync superreviews)
  • fabrice
  • jcarpenter, trond, ivanovpavel <ux team>
    • working on UX and wireframes. first draft due this coming friday
  • clee <product team>
  • frashed
  • thinker
  • timdream
  • steven
  • kanru
  • Vincent
  • jstraus