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  • We have new B2G team members, Eric Chou and Vicamo Yang, at the Taipei office.


  • If you have patches ready to land, but are blocked waiting on something, talk to faramarz or cjones! These things shouldn't block you
    • push access to tryserver
    • push access to mozilla-central
    • push access to github repositories
    • reviews

If any of those is blocking you, then we need to fix the problem.

Status updates

  • etienne
  • mrbkap (not present)
    • Did a bunch of research and filed bug 722320
    • Filed and fixed bug 722318
    • Next step: exposing an API to allow the UI to ask us to connect to a given SSID.
  • mounir (nothing interesting to say)
    • Screen Orientation API spec might move to WebApps WG.
    • Wrote Network Information API specification for the DAP WG.
    • Researches about WebIntents.
  • vingtetun
  • benfrancis (not present)
    • Testing & planning social media app
    • Further discussions around media storage, intents, apps, browser, camera & USB APIs
    • Bugfixes for browser, gallery & dialer
    • Next: re-factoring Gaia apps based on UX input
  • mwu

- Bug 712973 - Use InputReader from libui in gonk widget backend - fixed - Bug 719647 - Add Touch Event support to Gonk widget backend - fixed - Bug 720769 - Enable nsTransferable in Gonk backend - fixed - Bug 714416 - Support multiple screen orientations in gonk backend - investigating - Filed Bug 722812 - Don't send fake touch events on Gonk - Fixed touch event handling in gaia - libcubeb backend for gonk on hold

  • jlebar

- Landed bug 719459, ontitlechange for <iframe mozbrowser>. So we now have onloadstart, onloadend, onlocationchange, and ontitlechange. Is anything else critical for the demo? If so, please add to bug 715782. - Working on bug 714861, <iframe mozbrowser> as a separate process. - Tools for using git: https://github.com/jlebar/moz-git-tools (push from git to hg with no conflicts, attach patches to bugzilla, etc.)

  • justindarc
  • mdas, jgriffin <ateam>

- Continuous integration is running; test results at http://brasstacks.mozilla.com/autolog/?tree=b2g&source=autolog. "Mn" are marionette tests, "Mg" are marionette-gaia browser-chrome tests. - We only have 1 WebAPI test, for the battery API. Will add more soon, working with jhammink. Most WebAPI's are not working well on the emulator atm. - Existing docs are pretty basic (https://wiki.mozilla.org/Auto-tools/Projects/Marionette#Writing_Tests), will add more robust docs on MDN soon. - The gaia tests are mostly failing due to timeout problems. They watch for the app being loaded using something like:

   return 'Timer' in clockWindow;

where 'Timer' is added by a <script> element. However, it appears this can be loaded without the DOM being fully loaded, and this usually causes tests to fail; gaia apps on the emulator are very slow. I'll make a pull request with modifications to the tests that enable them to pass with Marionette. - We've added code to report previously uncaught JS exceptions that occur during tests. - We've added the Marionette testrunner as a submodule to the B2G repo, so we can implement a 'make test' command.

  • jhammink

-Some working SMS/Telephony scripts/Application Launch scripts - not yet available in tree. Focus is on actual device (not QEMU) --telephony API - or my script - has some issues, specifically, I can't get navigator.mozTelephony.dial() to work from marionette script; needs looking at -Use-Cases in the works, based on https://etherpad.mozilla.org/gaiademo - exploratory/manual testing (mostly SMS and Telephony) --list of open (and recently closed )bugs based/affecting exploratory testing: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/B2G-Bug-Triage-1-31 -need to move - Part 1: Setting up Boot-to-Gecko build environment - to MDN -need to add - Part 2: Integrating B2G with Marionette - to MDN

  • tchung

- gonna talk Marionette testing with jhammink, jgriffin, cjones and faramarz tomorrow - looking for more devices so we can get more testing - Q: how do you guys get contributors to join without hardware and phones?

  • qDot

- Found workable LGPL C++ DBus API for B2G (means we don't have to use glib) - Implementation started on DBus objects for bluetooth. Have adapter object accessible and changable, need to add events now, then things should come together quickly - Still haven't tested on a phone yet, mostly working on linux desktop at this point in hopes that it will "just work" on phone. Planning on trying maguro first to avoid sgs2 firmware issues

  • gwagner

- Change contacts from Callback to request based functionality. -Working with Jonas on DOMRequest. Alphatester. Got it to run with basic functions today. - Constructors defined in IDL and implemented in JS can't take arguments.

 right now: x = new Contact(); x.init()....
  • philikon
    • Network Manager (bug 717122)
      • this factors network configuration code out of wifi
      • rejigs 3G code a bit
      • status: WIP, please comment/give feedback
    • WebSMS: RIL backend
      • Not sending request events yet (bug 720643), depends on SmsRequestManager (bug 720632)
      • reviewing WIP patches for SMS Database, depends on SmsRequestManager (bug 720632)
      • Uploaded WIPs for SmsRequestManager (bug 720632), need to decide whether to continue with this or use sicking's new DOMRequest (bug 722626)
    • WebTelephony
      • fix for non-SGS2 backends (bug 716709)
  • fabrice

- got the camera backend reviewed - started updating the webapps API implementation (waiting on DOMRequest) - talked with Mounir about web intents. Reading dom related code.

  • jcarpenter, trond, ivanovpavel <ux team>
  • clee <product team>
    • MWC demo script is now set and we're all focused on delivering a great experience to partners/press/etc.
    • UX plans to deliver assets EOD Tues as well as EOW for the Gaia team
    • We will now have real estate in the booth at MWC to demo a couple of S2's to people who stop by
    • I'm following up with the privacy team on supporting a DNT demo in B2G (Alex Fowler is giving a keynote)
  • thinker
    • Add dependency checking for b2g building system
      • check updates of source code fastly
      • define dependencies between submodules
    • Integrate gecko and gaia with building process of gonk
    • Use adb built by gonk
    • Decafe - remove jdk, sdk, ndk from building process
    • The patch for ObserverList for IPC is landed
    • Landing hal-proximity (depend on previous patch)
  • timdream
    • Chinese IME data has been replaced with an MIT Licensed one. (Gaia issue #212 - merged)
    • Enable keyboard to reflect HTML5 input types like url, number, etc. (Gaia pull request #302 - under review)
    • Working on #282: all users to add/remove keyboards from settings
      • Figuring out how to modify MozSetting for it to support listeners
    • Talking to UX team on what's next for keyboard
    • Question: Is intl keyboard layouts and Chinese IME important for the MWC demo?
      • clee: Not necessary for the MWC demo, but definitely needed for when we build a GA product.
  • steven
    • Working on Bug714413 - Sensor support for gonk
      • Push patches to try server and there are some errors. I will update some patches from Thinker and push again.
  • kanru
    • Landed Bug 711300 - Add GPS support for gonk
    • Working on Bug 715788 - Add A-GPS support for gonk
    • Landing Bug 709585 - Add API to shut down and reboot device
    • Working on Bug 697132 - Create API for content to keep the screensaver from turning on
  • Vincent
    • Started to look at Bug 717150 - Support for adjusting the system clock and setting the time zone (mounir: please say so in the bug and feel free to attach WIP patches. ok, I will update the bug at bugzilla right away)
    • Studying call flow for DOM Telephony API.
  • jstraus
    • Trying to finish up bug 714352
    • At Faramarz's suggestion, adding the button lights when the menu or back button is pressed. Bug 7229