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  • Welcome back from the Barcelona meetup!


Status updates


APIs/Platform Work

  • System Intents for Dialer/SMS (Fabrice)
    • Landed
  • Persona implementation (Identity team - Ben Adida)
  • Carrier billing (Identity/Marketplace teams - Ben Adida, Justin Scott)
  • Bluetooth support (ericchou, qDot) - updated on 7/3
    • echou
      • Worked on Bluetooth FTP Server profile: Spec study and implementation, not finished yet, but root folder can be listed now.
      • Bug 768781: [b2g-bluetooth] The default value of Class of Device(CoD)
   should not be 0x080000 - in progress. 
    • qDot
      • Blocking on 740744 review finish
      • Switching reviewers to mrbkap after 740744
      • Lots of stuff waiting for reviews, but stacked (properties, blocking calls)
      • Working on Sockets as well as Settings integration (may start landing visible gaia pieces today)
  • Web Activities (Fabrice)
    • Mostly done, tested with gaia. Need a bit of cleanup before reviews.
  • RIL: MMS support (vicamo / price) - updated on 7/4
    • Bug 768367 - B2G RIL : send/received SMS failed on Otoro - landed (Yoshi)
  • RIL: USSD (Fernando)
  • RIL: getNetworks (Marshall)
  • RIL: Network selection mode (auto/manual) (Marshall)
  • OS X emulator / build (Marshall)
  • Voicemail (Marshall)
  • Push notification (Thinker) - Updated on 7/3
    • discuss API with Jonas and Telefonica during the work week.
    • Telefonica have finished their protocol and server.
    • Move Thinker's patch to latest API.
  • mp3/m4v support (Roc)
  • USB storage device support (Dave Hylands)
    • Fixed problem with AutoMounter not recognizing an SDCard being inserted/removed.
    • Rewrote volume notification code. Added nsIVolume.idl and nsIVolumeService.idl for use by device storage and eventually the UI. nsIVolume stuff is working. nsIVolumeService stuff is almost working.
  • IndexedDB multiprocess support (Bent, Janv)
    • core has landed
    • file/blob in progress
  • Asynchronous animations and video (Cjones/Andreas)

Bug 706179 - Async CSS animation Bug 755084 - do animations on the compositor thread when possible Bug 768440 - Animate CSS Transitions on the compositor

  • Asynchronous panning/zooming (dRdR/jrmuizel)
    • Partially working on b2g, works on fennec (not important for us)
    • Needs to go through review more
  • TCPSocket (Donovan Preston)
  • WiFi Hotspot (Vincent Chang) - updated on 7/3
    • Bug 711315 - RIL: reset state upon socket reconnect
      • studying the test cases to make rild or rilproxy crash.
    • Bug 751460 - Support WiFi Tethering
    • Bug 735547 - Support USB tethering
      • modified the source code based on reviewer's comments.
      • added state machine in javascript to support asynchronous I/O.
      • updated the patches to bugzilla for review.
  • Memory profiling (Jlebar)
  • Alarm API (Gene) - updated on 7/3
    • Bug 749551 - Alarm API (review done and check-in needed)
      • IDL and Dummy DOM (done with Mounir and Jonas)
      • AlarmHalService (done with Cjones)
      • HalGonk (done with Cjones)
      • AlarmDB (done with Vivien)
      • Alarm DOM (done with Vivien)
        • Pushed to m-i.
  • FM Radio (Pin Zhang, Steven) - updated on 7/4.
    • Bug 749053 - FM radio support (under review) - Steven is working on this.
    • The sounds can be played from speakers now! It works.
  • Automatic Updates (Jonas, jstraus)
  • Appcache integration for OWA API (Fabrice, Jonas coordinating)
    • updating not complete (bug 744715)
  • Trusted apps / Data JAR / Permission management (jonas, bsmith)
  • Device storage - landed (dougt)
    • any other blocking bugs here?
  • Per-app security model (Mounir, Jonas)
    • Bug 770731 - Expose JS API for settings app permissions (Gregor)
  • Predictive Text Demo (Christoph)
  • Idle API (Bonnie)
    • Landed, but some open questions about security I think
  • FileHandle (janv)
    • landed
  • Direct texturing (Cody Brocious)
    • Landed for Thebes
    • WebGL work beginning
  • Profiler support (Cody Brocious)
    • I have it working after hacking up patches from BenWa
    • Cleaning them up and making them Android-friendly for landing now
    • Work needs to be done to make it multiprocess capable, but that will come after the initial patch set lands
  • Camera (Mike Habicher)
  • Browser API (jlebar)
  • A-GPS (kanru) - updated on 7/3
    • Bug 715788 - Add A-GPS support for gonk
      • discuss with Telefonica about A-GPS for technical parts.
      • Change the A-GPS patch to use the new RILContext interface (bug 762760) patch finished.
      • TODO: confirm with Kanru about the testing status.
  • <ateam> (mdas, jgriffin)
  • <QA team> (Geo, John)
    • we're currently blocked by busted wifi on the latest build: https://github.com/mozilla-b2g/gaia/issues/1848
    • we're onboarding a few new QA people internally. Welcome Naoki Hirata, Matt Brandt, Krupa Raj, Martijn Wargers, David Clarke!
    • For Gaia Issues --> Devs, please add "resolved" label to bugs you fix and close. QA will add "verified" after we've tested them.
    • Have more info re: specific WebAPIs delivered for BaseCamp and which are available to user-written apps (vs. privileged). Re-prioritizing API work with those in mind. https://wiki.mozilla.org/B2G/QA/WebAPI_Test_Plan reflects some changes but isn't final.
    • APIs currently under test development/planning: Device Storage, SMS. Upcoming: Web Activities, Vibration
  • <product team> (Chris Lee)
  • <PMO team> (Kevin Hu, Dietrich, Michael)
    • burndown viz
  • <Release Management> (Alex Keybl, Lukas Blakk)
    • We're very actively working on a release plan, we'll start vending out drafts in the next week or so. It includes:
      • Branching/convergence strategy (gecko/snapshots/etc.)
      • Testing strategy (internal/external/carrier/OEM)
      • Update strategy (channels/cadence)
      • Bug strategy (bz/git)
    • Release priorities from our perspective over the next few weeks
      • Figuring out what/how we can test (for full coverage)
      • Having our final production updater in place for gecko/gaia(/gonk?) with atomic updates
      • Fully integrated crash reporter
    • Q: Gecko error/warning strings and l10n?
      • A: We may bring these strings into gaia, may ship gecko strings, etc. (still need to decide, but we're not worried either)
  • <Release Engineering> (Joduinn)
    • b2g debug, opt builds running per checkin on m-c
    • b2g debug-with-marionette builds
    • b2g desktop builds for mac, win, linux enabled on m-c today
    • blocked on instructions: "how to build B2G without any codecs" so we can post builds for testing use (working w/philikon, jhford, mwu)


   Priority of "now" vs "next"?