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  • Welcome to Milestone 5: Prompt, pretty and popular. Focus is on bug fixes, performance optimizations and visual completeness.
  • Meetings: Split Gaia into two parts? Converge Gaia and Platform now that closing major v1 work? Thoughts?
  • Daily Smoketests: The most important thing you should ever look at ever: http://bit.ly/Nbpp5C
  • ESTIMATION: Please finish estimating your blockers with format: [LOE:SIZE]. Please fill this in whiteboard field in Bugzilla, and the labels in Github, where SIZE is:
      • S - small. task is 1 week or less.
      • M - medium. task is up to 3 weeks.
      • L - large. task will take more than 3 weeks.
  • Dashboard updates:



  • <ateam> (mdas, jgriffin, ahal) - updated 9/4
  • <QA team> (Geo, John)
    • Gaia QA updates at: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/gaia-meeting-notes
    • BLOCKED: Nightly build failing, https://github.com/mozilla-b2g/gaia/issues/4314
    • When and where do we expect to see LG builds? And how much of a priority should QA treat these for testing at this point?
    • BLOCKED: Payments landed, but apparently not testable to not having Mt View IPs whitelisted for BlueVia dev servers, certificate creation script not working.
    • This week:
      • John back from BZ work week. Currently updating the smoketest and running/vetting new smoketest.
      • Tony back from Paternity. That's my girl! http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=qy9s7l&s=6
      • Met with Release Management to go over dogfooding plan and identify next steps
      • Have prototype geolocation test for handling permissions testing w/ prompt (thanks, David Chan!). Met today with dchan and ptheriault to figure out next steps. Starting with ten high-priority APIs and doing following: working on content-based tests, getting webapp/trusted app fixtures in place, and fully identifying which functions/globals will be covered.
      • Two week sprint starting today to get a WebAPI smoketest suite into CI.
      • Working with WebAPI team to vet existing mochitests for inclusion in CI
      • Drafting a web payments test plan for mozPay and finishing ramp up
      • Began getting synced up current implementation of Web Activities
      • Created a landing page for apps-related stuff on Firefox OS for testing - https://wiki.mozilla.org/B2G/QA/Apps
    • Last week:
      • Geo taking QA PoC in Tony's absence. If it's specific to Apps/Marketplace, go to jsmith; specific to Gaia, go to jhammink; either Gecko/WebAPI or whole-team, go to geo.
      • Met today re: security/perms. Gecko/WebAPI testing will start with basic allow/deny testing of all APIs in all app contexts. Piloting with geolocation, will scope and estimate rest from there.
      • Contacts test development in progress
      • As of yesterday, still blocked on dev input re: Camera API; working on media playback test plan and test media in meantime.
      • Moving on-device API smoketest exercise into certified app so APIs have full permissions. Will use as an example to build other on-device exercise apps.
      • Digging into packaged app and FF OS specific properties (testing)
  • <product team> (Chris Lee)
    • This week:
      • MMS is out for v1
      • Multiple SMS recipients is also out for v1
      • Tethering is only specific to WiFi Hotspot, we will not support USB and Bluetooth for v1
      • FM radio toggle is out for v1
    • Last week:
  • <PMO team> (Kevin Hu, Dietrich, Michael)
  • <Release Management> (Alex Keybl, Lukas Blakk, Bhavana Bajaj)
  • Developer Documentation (sheppy)
    • This week:
      • Have been asked by the partner relations folks to write docs about overall architecture, security, and performance, so that's what I'm working on.
    • As always:
      • Don't forget to add the dev-doc-needed keyword to any bugs that even might affect developer docs (whether device integration developers, Gecko developers, or web developers). You don't have to wait until the bug is fixed. We have tools to track this, and using it will get things done faster.
    • Feel free to ping me on IRC (sheppy) or by email (eshepherd@mozilla.com) with questions, requests, or suggestions.
      • On Github, use devDocNeeded label (current open issues: http://j.mp/NTBybM ). For example, make sure everything API-related you talk about in these meetings have the keyword.
  • <Release Engineering> (Joduinn)
    • This week:

1) contractual details of how-to-do-updates

    • Last week:

1) progress on contractual details of how-to-do-updates

    • gonk vs gecko vs moz-gaia vs other-gaia updates (and who changes source)

2) distributed new hardware for arm v6 hardware 3) detangling IonMonkey landings on m-c

Status updates


APIs/Platform Work

  • Carrier billing (Identity/Marketplace teams - Justin Scott, Ferjm)
    • This week:
      • bug 767818 (mozPay API landed)
      • Working on Bug 768943 on Gaia side, which blocks navigator.pay implementation and will provide "system dialogs" to Gaia.
      • Along with Bug 768943, I am updating the native implementation to support the new gaia system dialogs.
    • Last week:
      • BlueVia Payment Processor prototype done for Barcelona work week. *Real* implementation start is planned for the next week (need to confirm ETA with BlueVia team).
  • Bluetooth support (ericchou, qDot) - Updated on 9/4
    • Landed toolchain updates and platform bugs to support sockets
    • Only landing a portion of SCO Socket Bug 756299
    • Socket I/O working, needs lots of cleanup
    • Changing strategy to handle profiles in parent process via Managers (BluetoothHFPManager, BluetoothFTPManager), not exposing sockets to DOM due to OOP concerns
    • bent now working on OOP for settings
    • Bug 777665 - [b2g-bluetooth] hook up to settings API - landed
    • Have been integrating BluetoothHfpManager with current codebase.
  • Automatic updates (Marshall, Fabrice, clee) - updated on 8/21
   meta bug for gecko updates: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=715816
   UX requirements have been updated. Need to file more bugs from this -- big thanks to jcarpenter
   Security requirements
   Working on:
   Remount /system as read-write for system updates, move update dir to /data/local - https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=764683
   v4 patch is up and ready for review - ran into some corner case conditions that were hard to debug
   Orientation sensor deactivation happens twice, stops the process from cleanly exiting https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=784079
   workaround patch posted, probably needs something cleaner. plan to follow up w/ debugging instructions left by slee
   Updater executable is linked against libmozglue.so - https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=781868
   r+, need to rebase and land
   Show users a prompt to defer applying a Gecko udpate - https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=740720
   first patch reviewed, gaia PR has feedback. will need to update / split this out based on new UX requirements
   Require users to opt-in to downloading updates while on a billed connection (e.g. 3g network) - https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=737601
   UX reqs have been expanded, haven't had a chance to finish up patch yet because of remount fun
   Not started yet:
   Initiate an "apply update" confirmation off a long-ish idle timer - https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=740722
   B2G Updates: Enable MAR security (signing / verification) for B2G - https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=783638
   FramebufferNativeWindow doesn't implement ANativeWindow::cancelBuffer - https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=776742
   EventHub input blocks the process from exiting - https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=777514
   B2G support for update staging - https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=764684 (r+, will land alongside remount support)
   onStopListening was missing from REPL  socket listener - https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=777939
  • Push notification (Thinker) - updated on 9/4
    • Testing with push server during the work week at Brazil. Everything works!
    • ready for reviewing at protocol part
    • API still need api review from Jonas
  • OOP (Out-Of-Process) (Dave Hylands) - updated on 9/04
    • Apps which are currently black-listed (i.e. do not work OOP):
      • Browser - needs nested content process (Bug 761935)
      • Cost Control
      • E-Mail - SSL/TLS support (Bug 770778)
      • Homescreen: (Bug 761933 and Issue #3639)
      • Image Uploader (Bug 783878)
      • Messages - Crashes (Bug 775997)
      • Settings - Needs some more support for Bluetooth (Bug 755943)
  • TCPSocket (Donovan Preston)
    • LANDED!!!
    • Backed out because of mochitest failures on android...
    • Strange that the tests did not fail last time we pushed to try.

Coming next: OOP 770778 and TLS

  • FM Radio (Pin Zhang, Steven) - updated on 9/4
    • Bug 749053 - FM radio support
      • Modify patches for review
  • Appcache integration for OWA API (Fabrice, Jonas coordinating)
    • This week:
      • bug 744715, gina
    • Last week:
      • updating not complete (bug 744715)
  • Security Model (jonas, bsmith, lucas, dougt) - updated on 8/21
    • exposing app type (bug 781620)
    • patch uploaded for default permissions during installation time (bug 758269)
    • adding type of application to manifest (bug 768868)
    • cleaning up permission names and syntax (bugs 772358, 778326)
    • permission UI events (bug 773114)
    • moving all APIs to permission manager (bug 774716)

See https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/mozilla.dev.b2g/jakY3dMGqxk/nNvgxLlwSIcJ

  • Predictive Text (Christoph)
  • Camera (Mike Habicher) - not able to make the call this week
    • This Week:
      • bug 779139: cycle-collection participant -- final patch posted to bugzilla, awaiting check-in
      • bug 779138: picking this up this week
        • in conjunction with bug 779145
      • bug 776062: video recording
        • need to rebase this patch on other changes, as soon as they land
    • Last Week:
      • bug 779139: lots of fixes and clean-ups in the camera
        • left Sao Paulo with everything working well.
        • also fixed bug 781892 -- thanks, Kan-ru!
    • In The Queue:
      • bug 776934: need to add camera access permissions check
      • discussions on how to integrate camera control with getUserMedia(), and what can be accomplished in the time available
  • Browser API (jlebar, dale)
    • This week:
      • Fixed race condition in browser initialization, which was causing orange that prevented a lot of other things from landing (bug 772076)
      • X-Frame-Options re-enabled (bug 770239)
      • A window.close issue fixed (bug 764718)
    • Upcoming fixes (waiting for reviews):
      • target=_blank fix (bug 769254)
      • in-process correctness fix (bug 771273)
      • correct visibilitychange notifications (bug 762939)
      • Waiting for PM re-triage of clear-private-data / restrict cookies.

[clee]: feel free to ping me if you are blocked here

    • Last week: no update
  • Overscroll/Scroll animations
    • This week:
      • Working on glue between APZC and layers for animations
    • Last week:
      • Wrapped up WebGL prototype with Patryk from Gaia
      • Working on overscroll animation design
  • Cell broadcast (Vicamo) - Updated on 9/4
    • Bug 778093 - B2G RIL - support Cell Broadcast:
      • Extract main(receiving-only) function from my previous patch because it is totally different from the normal SMS, and SMS code arch suffers from OOP issue and don't want to add one more victim.
      • Config/activation returns success with or without bug 787420(2G/3G), but still no message shows up.