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B2G Weekly Meeting


Status Updates


yesterday I got the keyboard running in Bug 1257935. That leads to some questions about the use of MOZ_CHILD_PERMISSIONS and the security setup in desktop e10s. I reached out to the e10s team on that, waiting on their answer to decide how we proceed.


I fixed the problem of hardcoded paths for apps (bug 1259094). Pine before the last mc merge was good. I have pending patches for recent regressions from mc on mulet (bug 1260402).

I am also hacking around mc boot regression (bug 1260441).



Current build/test issues:

  • Bug 1255765 - client.contentScript.inject does not work properly in treeherder gaia runs
  • Working locally, still failing on CI, so investigation continues
  • Bug 1259239 - [fxos-sunset] Test-agent probably doesn't launch as expected =(
    • Getting closer to a fix here. Tests are running properly now, some still need some updates due to removal of app:// protocol

Fixed this week:

  • Bug 1259238 - [fxos-sunset] Firefox not launching as expected on Pine for Gij tests.
  • Bug 1254604 - Followup for bug 1239808


  • The MarionetteJS project is left without an active owner. If you are interested in keeping this code alive, please give a shout to :auswerk


  • Working on getting utility tray working again (problem was use of System Message handlers causing modules to crash in system app). Added polyfill to replace this.
  • Trying to get the keyboard working properly - currently overlaying the whole window (not getting resize event)


  • Kan-Ru is working on nested content processes for B2G to see what is broken. Currently disabled but should be working by June.


  • Created a new topic of discourse for the transition work to encourage more community conversations