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B2G Weekly Meeting

  • Date: 2016-04-05
  • Host: Ben Francis
  • Notes copied to the wiki each week B2G/Meeting (please use wiki markup)
  • Meeting time: Tuesday, 9am Pacific


Status Updates


Current issues:

Tests are running now running as expected again. There are still many failures but these are primarily due to code changes now, rather than infrastructure issues. One of the biggest issues is migrating from app:// to chrome://, being tracked here:

  • Bug 1260897 - Update Gij tests to use chrome:// URLs instead of app://
  • Bug 1259239 - Test-agent probably doesn't launch as expected =(

Bug 1255765 -- No new progress made on this one. This is blocking some tests from running properly.

Fixed this week:

  • 1252491 - Update Pine repository to use custom gaia branch
  • 1261549 - Gaia does not build due to manifest error
  • Kanikani now uses Pine Mulet build
  • New moz-download version attempts to fix Linux download bustage


  • Code reviews
  • Continuing work on bug 1257824 (Places database), but a bit blocked in testing it due to keyboard breakage
  • May start looking at search IAC (bug 1257828) as we've now reached the point where that's neededAlberto already working on this


  • landed fabrice's patch for keyboard bug 1257935 works on mulet and device
  • follow up to load web pages in bug 1262180 needed on device (necko ipc permissions)
  • still investigating bug 1261351 for debug builds style assertion failure (any help is welcome)
  • blobfree z3c kk b2gos transition build is live since end of last week, and I got reports of successfull use in the wild :)


  • Landed gaia Keyboard's patch
  • Replicated applications.getByManifestURL, which make the windows more similar to what we had, but it uncovered bugs (mainly because remote="true" attribute)
  • Making the search work without IAC (shoud be landing this week)


  • WIP patch for bug 1254285 (Remove the dependency on apps status in the Downloads api code)


  • DONE
    • setting up my own local repo build system yet again (friday)
  • TO DO :
    • need to setup mulet builds
    • finish setting up cron job (from monday)
    • finish setting up test cases (from monday)


    • need some answers for builds/tests:
      • what type of smoke is needed for Mozilla-inbound/gaia builds? is it ok just to check for boot? pine+kanikani builds -> just check boot?

=> Just boot is fine.

      • not sure where to host the builds; where should I host the build w/ login requirements?

=> don't need to host, only for testing; I'll keep as much as I can for regression testing. ( probably around 1 month )

    • some issues with building w/ gecko repos where the obj folder is not obj-gecko named; not sure if it's me or the code right now; going to ignore and just clobber for each type of build.


  • Did a b2g-inbound <-> mozilla-central merge. Mulet build is broken now on m-c


  • kanikani branch now using Mulet build from pine
  • Big patch coming up, moves apps community need to migrate
  • On Linux moz-download doesn't fetch the build (does it work on Mac? Alberto says yes)

Round Table