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B2G Weekly Meeting

  • Date: 2016-04-26
  • Host: Ben Francis
  • Notes copied to the wiki each week B2G/Meeting
  • Meeting time: Tuesday, 9am Pacific


Latest progress on transition branch:

  • Removed Web Activities API
  • Removed System Messages API
  • New Places database landed
  • Now working to get homescreen using new places database and get dialer working

Note: We will soon be trying to merge the transition branches (pine and kanikani) back into master (after TV branches 2.6)

Upcoming community meetings:

  • Code Working Group - Tuesday 26th April, 10:00 Pacific
  • Infrastructure Working Group - Thursday 28th April, 10:00 Pacific
  • Governance Working Group - Friday 29th April, 10:00 Pacific

Status Updates


Landed new Places database (bug 1257824)

  • Still some work to do to hook it up to homescreen and search


  • Fixed settings menus not working after gecko changes
  • Reviewing and trying to understand how Places/Sites/Bookmarks (IDB and datastores work)
  • Working on getting the search app show Top sites and history again (Bug 1267553)


  • Managed to get a working inspector
  • Thought I would try again building from scratch - turns out I borked my build at some point so restoring the files at the moment.


  • I'm working on bug 1261019. That's an endless stream of changes... Should have something ready for next week.
  • Priority should be to merge pine to m-c



  • Working on homescreen transition bugs (meta bug 1261028)


  • Will add tests to Tier 1 builds
  • Not much progress elsewhere for now, focusing on a different project

Round Table

Poll on devices to support ongoing

  • Z3C
  • Flame
  • Fairphone 2
  • Nexus 5
  • Xperia device?

Valentin will be shipping devices to some people who would like to contribute