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B2G Weekly Meeting

  • Date: 2016-05-24
  • Host: Ben Francis
  • Notes copied to the wiki each week B2G/Meeting
  • Meeting time: Tuesday, 9am Pacific


Status Updates

[nhirata] pine build issue : bug 1275052
mc/mi build issue : bug 1270879 Build Issue : Build still fails, looks like something within the crash reporter?


  • Fixed pinned sites opened as popup issue
  • Working on making hosted apps working as prepopulated. Using Clock app as an example (Thanks Jovan for the hard work!)

Code Transition

  • 1 week to go!
  • Blocker:Bug 1274826 - apps are constantly crashing bug 1274826
  • There are icons on the homescreen!
  • Still need help with dialer


B2G installer is not signed, the team reported two issue, listed in the following bugs:




The legacy compatible devices page (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/B2G_OS/Building_and_installing_B2G_OS/Compatible_Devices) is no longer relevant - but contain some useful information about porting possibilities Conversion from Firefox OS to B2G OS has been done The whole page need to be changed to adapt to the new situation

  • @Lapineige will do it - help is welcomed :)

Help welcome on the FAQ

B2G OS "Getting started" doc working session on Thursday 11:00 UTC



  • Some corrections have been done on the manifesto, @Lapineige will make a final call for review
  • Call for contribution is translated in German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and French

Round Table