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B2G Weekly Meeting

  • Date: 2016-08-02
  • Host: Ben Francis
  • Notes copied to the wiki each week B2G/Meeting
  • Meeting time: Tuesday, 9am Pacific / 4pm UTC


  • Jovan
  • Lapineige
  • Jamie
  • Ben Francis
  • kskarthik


Status Updates

Code Transition

Jovan: Getting the Clock app ready - waiting on review from Ben moving the camera app to apps/

  • biggest problem seems to be localStorage. LocalStorage is not available under chrome://. Right now I'm working with asyncStorage, any suggestions?
  • Ask the platform team if there is a reason for no localStorage

fixing the home button - can't see it and problems with orientation locking


  • Novski still working on Fairphone 2 - trying to build with the new merged system






Can either fix marionette or create a new testing harness

  • 2-4 months to fix marionette
  • longer to implement a new testing harness
  • Gabby willing to help, but need a way to flash Flame and Aries devices from Windows
  • ping auswerk for advice on test harness?
  • ping gerard-majax for advice on getting flashing addon to work in Windows?
  • ping gerard-majax about base build?
  • (jamie_)

charja13 and gaby2300 working on this subject. Topic on discourse : https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/t/b2g-qa-information/9661/

  • quote: All tests working on Marionette > none of the tests setups will work unless we fix marionette as both mochitests and xpcshell depend on marionette to run.
  • Request to devs: please write your code with tests in mind ;)


Smart TV


  • Market research - COMPLETE
  • Prototype - COMPLETE
  • Survey - COMPLETE (749 responses)
  • User interviews - COMPLETE (7 participants)
  • Results will be presented to the Product Innovation Board tomorrow (3rd August)

Round Table

Jamie is working on the camera app - going to try and build as web app using WebRTC

Anyone tried building from http://github.com/cm-b2g ?