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B2G Weekly Meeting


  • kskarthik
  • krz37
  • Jovan
  • Alastair (only on Ether)
  • m.ducorps (Matth)
  • jamie (kinda)


  • [benfrancis] I'm not able to attend today due to a meeting conflict, could someone else host please?


Status Updates


Smart TV


  • App porting status
    • Camera
      • I'm trying to fix it, but I have very limited time right now (Jovan)
    • Clock
      • albertopq not actively working but happy to help, contact him on Discourse
      • update github pages
      • fix the alarm API, write an addon
    • SMS app
      • m.ducorps is resuming his work on the app this week. He had been busy ( now checking what's happen this last two months should be able to start working on it by the end of the week)
      • maybe he could file some bugs ( ok will work on it )
    • Cost control
      • bluemini has started some work but is not able to continue at the moment. He can provide an inittial guidance for whoever would like to help, contact him on Discourse
      • maybe he can push his work in github
    • Gallery
      • no answer from haddub
    • FM radio
      • no answer from jzhang
    • Calendar
      • no answer from stargayte


  • Nexus 4 build ready https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/t/nexus-4-builds/10783 (thanks to Alastair!)
    • is on b2g-installer?
    • No, there will need to be a PR to the installer to make it look in my s3 if we want that, I think. Apparently there is no prospect of getting Nexus 4 builds on Taskcluster again.
  • Fairphone blobfree build work is ongoing (thanks to Novski!)
  • Xperia E3 (flamingo) build succeedes. Builds are now being produced with some regularity (weekly, as long as I can). Not added to the installer add-on yet (that's important)! (thanks to Enrico!)





  • Telegram now has a bot that connects IRC #B2G in both directions -> right now we give it a try and see if this works for everyone


  • havent gotten much time to talk to the slenium people to figure out solution for chrome://
  • I am going to start working on generating new test cases for currently working components
  • where should i be hosting the test cases?
    • does github work for that?
  • i need a list of components to generate test cases for
    • lockscreen
    • launch an app / browser in general
  • if people reach out trying to get involved in QA have them shoot me an email jamie@mozillausa.org
    • Discourse section ?
    • also if someone could shoot me the answers to these questions at the same email address it would be great!
    • but we should communicate this somewhere open :-)
    • i might file a bug report to track components as they are ready for testing/completion as a qa tracker

Round Table

  • No activity in gaia repo since a month. What about gecko ?
    • Couple of fixes in gaia yesterday and today
    • Gecko has had fixes on build breakers by Alexandre
  • Using https://vroom.im for conference instead of vidyo ( should be tested before switching )
    • Who would like to test it?
      • try to use vroom.im and do a test run next week -> communicate discourse, mailing list, IRC
      • krz37 will do that
      • Skype is working well today (FYI) with Vidyo -- only audio so it is a good backup but maybe not the main channel
  • Adding Sony's AOSP devices to installer add-on. It shouldn't be that difficult because Sony itself provides the binaries. Benefit: it would work for many devices. +1
    • obstacles are downloading blobs and agreeing to licenses -> these parts need to be implemented
  • Jovan will host meetings for now, if anyone else is interested to host, feel free to say so.