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B2G Weekly Meeting


  • kskarthik
  • krz37
  • Novski
  • Jovan
  • m.ducorps (Matth)
  • benfrancis


  • [Luca] hope to be with you, but it depends on work schedules ... !
  • [gsvelto] timing is terrible for me so I can't attend, but I've got news about the emulator, see below


Status Updates

  • Taskcluster build broke on 14.9 but is now fixed
  • I've got the x86 KitKat emulator running again on my box, it needs a small patch that I'll commit soon. This should allow testing the telephony apps without the need for a phone plus other niceties. I'm now working on getting the Lollipop emulator also working. I'm not sure if we have plans for porting to Marshmallow but I wouldn't consider that until we get the rest of the functionality back first.


Smart TV


  • Fairphone 2 Blobfree build, work in progress...(novski)
    • blobfree not yet ready there is a problem with the building of pulled blobs to a system&boot.img- i need to reach out to Atila (Juan) but he doesn't reply...



  • can we increase the double information on Wiki and make it a first landing space for new users? By deleting all developer information out of it? (novski)
    • Add a note on the "archive page" ie mulet OSx/Windows doesn't work for now.
    • review this page https://wiki.mozilla.org/B2G to have it more user friendly
  • See the round table notes below from Luca, we need to update the Compatible device page,
  • Organise a dedicated meeting about Documentation. krz37 will post about it on *
  • Let's wait one more week and if there is no feedback about the documentation, we'll just go ahead and do the modification we've proposed in the etherpad



  • For people using Twitter, do no hesitate to follow @boot2gecko


Round Table

  • We just need to update a previous team or it's better to create a totally new one? Imho, we should also considering Salt as a crowdfounding option. (From the FAQ: Through Salt open-source projects can collect monthly contributions from supporters in order to reliably and predictably fund ongoing development). In my opinion it would be great for the project development!
    • For now wait and see feedback from Bountysource.
  • kskarthik: shall we contact the dev's to reserve this name for our community ? https://vroom.im/b2g_os_weekly_meeting
    • seems not really stable we where 5 pepole but 2 at the end, audio only seems to work okey
    • if we want to reserve the room, we just have to put a password but it is wiser to go back to Vidyo at the moment that was more stable for everyone