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MozITP - Mozilla Integrated Tools Package


Mozilla has many automated tests (e.g. JS gaia integration tests, Python integration tests, etc.) running on various targets (e.g. Mulet, Emulator, Real devices). Each test framework needs to work on specific OS, specific library versions and specific runtime environments (Python, Node.js), which creates a huge pain for contributors and developers to setup on their own.


The MozITP solves this problem by providing a Pre-built virtual machine (VM) image that can run on all major platforms (Linux, OS X, Windows). In the VM, we packaged automated setup and execution scripts for various test and target combinations. With MozITP you can start testing in one-click without needing to setup the environment manually. It can serve as a clean and reproduce-able environment for testing and debuging.

Installation and Usage

Please refer to the README file in this GitHub Repository.

Or MDN page here.

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