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Once a b2g release is ready to be handed off to OEM for final rounds of testing, blocker triage is also handed off and the following general criteria should help determine who is responsible for which areas of triage:

Partner Triage

  • review all {codename}? bugs and set + or - according to partner priorities, quality bar & certification requirements
  • for bugs deemed as blockers, a target milestone is also set
  • for any nominated bugs the partner doesn't have an opinion on, set [{codename}-triage]

Mozilla Triage (after hand off)

  • review only those not reported by partner(s) and only +/- obvious bugs
  • review bugs that have [{codename}-triage] in the whiteboard
  • review bugs for upcoming deadlines and remove barriers where possible
  • email all partner triage members when we disagree about the call on the blocking flag