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Sprint 8 2015-01-12 -> 2015-01-23


  • Python suite expansion
  • Investigate failures, emphasis on disabled tests and recent failures
  • Recent nominations



Full Query
ID Assigned to Summary Resolution Priority Qa whiteboard
1097754 Johan Lorenzo [:jlorenzo] test_dialer_receive_call_with_locked_screen.py sometimes doesn't wait until the callscreen arrives at the bottom of the screen WONTFIX -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s4][fxosqa-auto-from-s5][fxosqa-from-s6][fxosqa-auto-from-s7][fxosqa-auto-s8][fxosqa-auto-points=4]
1098409 Florin Strugariu [:Bebe] Rename System app object to Service in line with bug 1080905 WONTFIX -- [fxosqa-auto-s8]
1098442 Johan Lorenzo [:jlorenzo] [v2.2] Investigate dialer test intermittent failures WONTFIX -- [fxosqa-auto-dropped-s8][fxosqa-auto-points=2]
1110169 Florin Strugariu [:Bebe] Intermittent test_dialer_add_contact.py TestDialerAddContact.test_dialer_add_contact | TimeoutException: TimeoutException: Timed out after 10.1 seconds FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s8]
1111981 Robert Chira [:RobertC] [v2.2] Investigate intermittent failure in test_sms_with_picture_attached.py and test_add_photo_to_contact.py FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s6] [fxosqa-auto-from-s7] [fxosqa-auto-from-s8] [fxosqa-auto-s9]
1112141 Martijn Wargers (dead) Intermittent test_homescreen_delete_app_packaged.py TestDeleteApp.test_delete_app | StaleElementException: StaleElementException: The element reference is stale. Either the element is no longer attached to the DOM or the page has been refreshed. FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s8]
1112191 Johan Lorenzo [:jlorenzo] Add a test to check that touchtones are responsive during phonecall WONTFIX -- [fxosqa-auto-dropped-s7][fxosqa-auto-s8][fxosqa-auto-points=8]
1113662 Viorela Ioia [:viorela] [v2.2] Investigate test_sms_with_attachments tap_capture failure FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s7][fxosqa-auto-s8]
1114958 Florin Strugariu [:Bebe] Add sanity tag to a test that connects to cell data FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s8]
1116175 Martijn Wargers (dead) Write a gaia UI test for moztrap test "Share a music as a ringtone - Use as default ringtone" FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s8]
1116183 Write a gaia UI test for moztrap test "Select MPEG-3 audio file(.mp3) from SD card as ringtone" WONTFIX -- [fxosqa-auto-s8]
1116184 Write a gaia UI test for moztrap test "Create a Custom Ringtone in Settings" WONTFIX -- [fxosqa-auto-s8]
1116481 [Find My Device] Write a test for Find My Device new account WONTFIX -- [fxosqa-auto-points=8][fxosqa-auto-s8]
1116744 [v2.2] Investigate test_toggle_bluetooth_settings intermittent failure on Jenkins WONTFIX -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s7] [fxosqa-auto-from-s8] [fxosqa-auto-dropped-s9] [fxosqa-auto-backlog+]
1117784 Martijn Wargers (dead) Investigate test_persona_standard_sign_in intermittent failure FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s8]
1117804 Investigate test_call_log_groups failure WONTFIX -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s6] [fxosqa-auto-from-s7] [fxosqa-auto-from-s8] [fxosqa-auto-dropped-s9]
1117813 Johan Lorenzo [:jlorenzo] Make PlivoUtil use a valid 'answer_url' with a valid Plivo XML WONTFIX -- [fxosqa-auto-s8][fxosqa-auto-points=2]
1118331 Johan Lorenzo [:jlorenzo] Miss call notification sometimes appears twice test_dialer_clear_miss_call_notification.py WONTFIX -- [fxosqa-auto-dropped-s8]
1118537 html5_player::HTML5Player::is_playing() is incomplete per HTML5 Video spec WONTFIX -- [fxosqa-auto-s8]
1119278 Robert Chira [:RobertC] Intermittent test_music_change_rating.py TestSetMusicRating.test_music_change_rating | ValueError: time data u'' does not match format '%M:%S' FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s7] [fxosqa-auto-s8]
1119806 Martijn Wargers (dead) Intermittent test_power_button_long_press.py TestPowerButton.test_power_button_long_press | ScriptTimeoutException: ScriptTimeoutException: timed out WORKSFORME -- [fxosqa-auto-s8]
1120329 Florin Strugariu [:Bebe] Intermittent test_ftu_status_bar.py TestFtu.test_ftu_status_bar | TimeoutException: TimeoutException: Timed out after 10.0 seconds FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s8]
1120479 Robert Chira [:RobertC] Xfail test_call_log_groups because of Bug 1117804 FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s8]
1120483 Martijn Wargers (dead) Add some explanation comments to test_browser_play_video.py WONTFIX -- [fxosqa-auto-s8]
1120925 Robert Chira [:RobertC] The gmail account password needs to be updated FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s8+]
1120926 Florin Strugariu [:Bebe] Update StatusBar page object to use the minimized and maximized status bars FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s8]
1120941 Viorela Ioia [:viorela] Investigate test_ftu_skip_tour intermittent failure FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s8]
1121405 Florin Strugariu [:Bebe] Update CI devices with the V18D-1 base build FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s8]
1121974 Viorela Ioia [:viorela] Fix intermittent failure in test_settings_wifi.py, improve wait before typing the password FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s8]
1121978 Test test_keyboard_predictive_key.py is failing intermittently, wrong predictive word is selected WONTFIX -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s8][fxosqa-auto-s9][QAnalyst-Triage+][fxosqa-auto-backlog?]
1121979 Florin Strugariu [:Bebe] Remove locators from test_gallery_edit_photo.py FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s8]
1122448 Viorela Ioia [:viorela] Intermittent test_sms_auto_save_draft.py TestSmsAutoSaveDrafts.test_sms_auto_save_draft | IndexError: list index out of range WORKSFORME -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s8][fxosqa-auto-s9]
1122451 Florin Strugariu [:Bebe] Enable test_lockscreen_unlock_to_camera_with_passcode.py FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s8][fxosqa-auto-points=1]
1123652 Johan Lorenzo [:jlorenzo] Disable test_dialer_set_up_conference_call.py due to Bug 1117813 FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s8][fxosqa-auto-points=1]
1124160 Florin Strugariu [:Bebe] Xfail camera tests because of Bug 1124139 FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s8]
1124725 Robert Chira [:RobertC] Unxfail camera tests FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s8+]

36 Total; 36 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);


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