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Document what we do so that we can onboard community more easily and so that our process and work is transparent.

Challenges Addressed

  • Automation systems and concerns are poorly documented

The Problem

We don't have enough visibility in what we do and why we do it. There is frequent misunderstanding of our processes, scope, and purpose, as well as underestimation of our impact. And onboarding community is difficult because we don't have hard documentation to point at.

The Solution

Document all the things.



  • [DONE] Strategy [Geo]
  • [MISSED] Process/ownership diagram of current process from build to results [Martijn]
  • [DONE] Updated and corrected Python Gaia UI Test tutorial [John]
  • [DONE] Language-agnostic best practices document for automation [Geo]
  • [DONE] Criteria document for picking Acceptance tests to automate [Martijn]


  • Update process/ownership diagram of build to results with Gaia Acceptance.
  • Update best practices for Gaia Acceptance automation in JS
  • JavaScript Gaia Acceptance tutorial


We need to be careful to only document at a level of detail we can afford to maintain.