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Increase the coverage of our Acceptance tests so we can more quickly and confidently accept builds and raise errors.

Challenges Addressed

  • Development and QA have different approaches and needs from UI testing
  • Acceptance coverage is insufficient to guarantee a quality build

The Problem

As QA, we have to do a lot of manual regression testing to know that builds remain acceptable. This takes disproportionate amounts of time compared to the benefit of verifying the absence of bugs. By implementing more Acceptance automation, we can increase our impact and free up people for more fruitful exploratory testing.

The Solution

Add any tests that we plan to accept builds on. Don't consider appropriateness for Gaia Integration.



  • Establish JS suites for Gaia Acceptance


  • Triage of new smoketests for Gaia Acceptance backlog
  • Triage of dogfood tests for Gaia Acceptance backlog
  • Triage of additional areas for Gaia Acceptance backlog
  • Additions to JS suites for Gaia Acceptance tests


Given the impending move to JS and the need to stabilize the existing tests per the Streamlining plan, it doesn't make sense to continue to expand the Python suite.

That means we're gated on developing Gaia Acceptance. Its risks also apply here.