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San Diego 2012 Hack Targets


Status, Fri May 11.

Status Owner Feature Notes
[DONE] Tim Gaia Lockscreen Ready for the demo.
[ON TRACK] Vivien Gaia Homescreen has UX mostly. Vivien is still working on most features.
[ON TRACK] Ben Browser
[DONE] Fernando Push Notification Need to implement HTTPS, persistent connections and origin verification, but those don't block demo. Web API cannot be done, but it does not block the demo. Thinker is implementing it. Fernando has a movie demoing it, can be shown at demo time.
[DONE] Andrew S Apps: Email Demo scenario: Create (localhost) account, show list of e-mails.
[DONE] James Apps: Calendar Demo scenario: Show calendar + create events. Also showing unit tests for it.
[DONE] Michael H Camera Ready by Friday, demo some filters, etc
[ON TRACK] Settings
[ON TRACK] Music
[ON TRACK] Video
[DONE] David F Orientation lock/change/resize API landed by Cervantes, David found sensor bug workaround (bug 753245).
[DONE] Etienne Proximity sensor bug 752683 fixed
[DONE] Etienne Platform: Ambient light sensor API already spec'd, blocked on sensor firing events (same sensor on sgs2 problem as above)
[DONE] Eric Bluetooth Demo scenario: enable, browse, connect, disconnect, volumne control.
[DONE] Dave H USB Host mounting Dave H is here! His demo is done!
[DONE] Kaze Radio: 3G Data + Network UI Status: 3G Data is ready to demo; Kaze is working on network UI and it should be finished by this Friday and it should have no problem for the demo.
[DONE] Philipp Test harness Demo scenario: Show tests, how to do the testing...
[AT RISK] Jonas Media storage API David says DougT has early version of the API, but doesn't work on devices, only on desktop. Has a WIP patch to convert gallery to use it, may try to demo on desktop. Still at risk.
[MISSED] Etienne Gaia Dialer/contacts UX designs not finalized in time
[MISSED] Fabrice Web intents WIP patch done. Etienne working on multiple providers UI, maybe can use that to demo.
[MISSED] Etienne Gaia New call screen Blocked on bug 741587 owned by jlebar, ETA EOD. movie demo
[MISSED] Tim Gaia SMS Cancel - new UX designs from this week are being implemented by new Taipei engineer next week. Bent can demo new OOP IndexedDB backend though.
[MISSED] Michael V Gralloc In-progress, not ready for Friday demo though.
[MISSED] Ben T IndexedDB OOP Demo scenario: SMS.
[MISSED] Vicamo Radio: MMS In-progress, not ready for Friday demo though. bug 749856, bug 744360.