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GOALS FOR 2011-2012

Incentive/Value Proposition

  • open - break badges out of a silo
  • learners can earn badges from multiple issuers
  • learner portfolio or living transcript that they control
  • display them across multiple sites (without getting stuck in those sites)
  • discoverability (allowing them, employers or other stakeholders to find people based on badges) ??
  • reporting/tracking (pushing out data about learning paths and experiences (in aggregate) for evaluation, effectiveness, etc.) ??

MacA Grant Proposal Specifics:

  • September 2010-January 2011: Prototype
  • January-June 2011: testing with P2PU
  • April-August: reach out to other organizations

2011 Milestones/Roadmap:

  • September 2010 - January 2011: Prototype 1
  • January 2011: Prototype 2 with updated Mozilla framework
  • January 2011-April 2011: Prototype 3 for P2PU
  • April-June 2011: Updated Prototype 4 for P2PU with Verified Identity integration (had to significantly alter/rewrite based on the Mozilla identity/web app work)
  • June 2011 - identification of first use cases for September roll out
  • June 2011-September 2011: Hub and Backpack build out, finalization of the spec/APIs, first display site widget build out
  • September 2011: beta roll out with initial use cases (~3-5)
  • January 2012: 1.0 open for public use, public specs posted

Justification for delays:
NOTE: we aren't really that far off from what was proposed in the grant submission. We have been working with their folks and will support anyone who is ready to go for the September beta launch. But some of the smaller milestones and plans have/will have slipped due to:

  • Brian only started in January and had to pick up where things were left off
  • Dependent on the Mozilla identity and web apps work which has changed significantly over the last few months (as late as April 2011)
  • Still are not sure we have all of the requirements - need to work more with key use cases to finalize

Detailed Breakdown of Roadmap for the rest of 2011:

  • Working with Mozilla teams/Architecting server-server identity solution
  • New prototype build out with Verified Identity
  • Reach out to known use cases/recruit use cases


  • New prototype build out with Verified Identity
  • Discussions with potential beta use cases, identify candidates, kick off work with them
  • Infrastructure study group in P2PU
  • Requirements gathering


  • Backpack wireframes
  • Badge working group, requirements gathering sprint
  • Requirements finalization for beta launch
  • Identification of initial display widget


  • New P2PU Prototype, port all badges from the pilots into the infrastructure, display on P2PU profile in Lernata
  • Backpack development
  • Core hub development with requirements for first use cases
  • Work through badge system with each beta use case partner
  • Start issuer support development for each beta use case partner
  • Start widget development


  • Brian in Mountain View to work with the Identity and Web Apps teams
  • Final Backpack development/testing
    * Final beta hub development/testing
  • Final beta issuer support development/testing
  • Final widget support/testing
  • Marcomm development for beta launch
  • Requirements finalization for open launch


  • Launch of Infrastructure beta with select set of use cases (~3-5)
  • Marcomm/PR launch
  • Start work on infrastructure 1.0 open launch
  • Additional widget indentification/planning


  • Central hub 1.0 development
  • Backpack 1.0 development
  • Widget development
  • Documentation and asset development for 1.0 'self-service' launch
  • Hiring for additional positions: developer to support Brian, partner manager - business/badge system development, partner manager - tech


  • Central hub 1.0 development
  • Backpack 1.0 development
  • Widget development
  • Marcomm development around 1.0 launch
  • Documentation/assest development/refinement


  • Finalization/testing of public spec/API
  • Final hub 1.0 development/testing
  • Final Backpack 1.0 develoment/testing
  • Final widgets development/testing
  • Finalization of documentation/assets

January 2012

  • Launch of 1.0, open to public, self-service model

Strategy for September beta launch

  • Have ~5 use cases for beta
  • 1-2 Learning Network who need support with initial badge planning, issuer tech, etc.
  • 1-2 use cases that don't need the hand holding (OLnet/OpenU?, Khan Academy, Q2L, etc)
  • P2PU
  • Drumbeat as noneducation use case?
  • Facebook display widget
  • Marcomm/PR around beta, pointing people to January launch, consulting services
  • UPDATE: We are launching beta in midSeptember and initial beta partners will join in over the following few months.

Beta Planning:
Partners who have signed on:

  • P2PU (SoW)
  • Quest2Learn
  • iRemix
  • Open Textbooks
  • Open.Michigan (out of U Michigan)
  • Quinnipiac (Alex Halavais)
  • Parsons / The New School


  • InsideJobs
  • Parchment

Other things to consider as we build out the team, and for 2012:

  • Consulting business with user support
  • Helping them think through badges, guidelines, technical support