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2014 Roadmap

BadgeKit roadmap:

2013 Roadmap

2013 Highlights

  • OBI v1.0+ release(s)
  • Enhanced Backpack and OBI User Experience
  • Exemplars, large-scale proofs of concept
  • Open Badges issuing stack
  • Community Platform
  • Badge validation solution / APIs / frameworks

Q1: Ship OBI v1.0

  • OBI Github 1.0 Milestone
    • v1.0 development and release
      • COPPA Stance
      • Extending metadata spec - a. standards alignment
      • Extending metadata spec - b. tags
      • 508 compliance
      • Signed badges
      • Backpack connect - autopush of badges from approved issuers
      • Revocation of badges
      • Badge expiration
      • user experience improvements
  • Badge Validation
    • Publish paper; get consensus on the solution we're working towards

Q2: Chicago, Issuing Tools, OBI v1.5 Development

  • OBI
    • Define, scope and start development on v1.5
    • Backpack federation planning and development
    • Define Endorsement specification
  • Exemplars
    • Chicago
      • Ship CSOL badges
      • Deliver issuing 'stack' and enhanced Backpacks for Chicago
    • Mozilla badge system
      • Initial Mozilla-wide badges launched
      • Development of additional levels of webmaker badges and learning content
  • Adoption
    • Continued support and partnerships
    • Strategic
  • Community
    • Community platform development and beta release

Q3: OBI v1.5 release

  • OBI
    • v1.5 release
    • Fully federated OBI release
    • Resume builder beta release
  • Exemplars
    • Chicago
      • Maintenance and additional features
    • Mozilla Badge System
      • Multiple levels of badges and leveling up available for the Webmaker badges
      • Common issuing platform and experience for Mozilla badges
    • San Francisco
      • Kick off work for SF badges
  • Adoption
    • Tools
      • Resume builder and other tool development
    • Recruitment
      • Employer advisory board
  • Community
    • Working with community members to build out the knowledge base
  • Foundational Frameworks and Practices
    • Initial policy practices in place
    • Community contribution to best practices
  • Foundational Frameworks and Practices
    • Publish badge system design best practices

2012 Roadmap

2012 Must Haves

  • New
  • New, streamlined documentation
  • Demo [by DML March 1]
    • Available on new website
    • Features:
      • Demo backpack interface and user flow
      • Demo pushing badges to display sites Completed 2/2012
  • Ship OBI Beta by end of Q1 (*aiming for end of Q1 but may have issues with legal that push into Q2)
    • Contributor engagement workflow
    • Issuer API
    • Displayer API
    • Rough endorsement API
    • Support around beta Completed 4/2012
  • OBI 1.0 by end of year

Q1: Ship Beta

Github Public Beta Milestone

  • Ship OBI beta by end of Q1 (aiming for end of Q1)
    • Contributor engagement workflow improvement (Getting developer community to tap into OBI with facility)
    • New issuer API - requiring user-initiated push to the OBI
    • Displayer API low level, needs widgets and more detailed privacy controls
    • Website redesign
    • Revised documentation
    • Get Started on earning badges feature in website redesign
    • OBI backpack and user mgmt demo
  • Legal
    • Initial terms of service and privacy policy FAQs

Q2 OBI UX Improvements

  • OBI Features/Function Development
    • Ux overhaul planning
      • Accessibility audit planning
  • Adoption
    • DML winner support (ongoing)
    • Strategically recruit partner (ongoing)
    • Onramping first wave of issuers/displayers (i.e. get people pushing badges in and out)
  • Legal
    • FAQs fully fleshed out
  • Website planning
    • Homepage revisions & updates
    • Long term consideration of site updates
    • Legal FAQs icon w/ own page or reconsideration of all nav
    • How to highlight items on site
    • Research area

Q3 Open Badger development

  • OBI
    • UX improvements for backpack log in and authentication
    • Displayer integration
      • Fb
      • Wordpress
    • Update spec to account for "Pie" badges (i.e. badges that comprise pieces of a pie)
  • Community
    • Create step by step onboarding documentation and supporting material for new entrants.
  • Adoption
    • DML ongoing outreach to 30 funded winners

Q4 Open Badger beta release and OBI v1.0 development

Github 1.0 Milestone

  • OBI
    • v1.0 ongoing development
      • Accessibility: 508 compliance
      • COPPA compliant backpack or parallel < 13 backpack development
      • Global badge directory
      • Privacy, data, security review and vetting
      • Operational requirements review for productization
  • Open Badger
    • Privacy, data, security review and vetting
    • Operational requirements review for beta public release
    • Beta release
  • Adoption
    • DML first round of outreach to 60 unfunded winners
    • Identify key partners to onboard
    • Develop strategy map for recruitment
    • Scope and model a distributed support system
  • Foundational Frameworks & Practices
    • Draft Badge Validation white paper
  • Mozilla badge system
    • Release initial round of webmaker badges system